• February 8, 2016
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Pro-Democracy Alliance-Menoufia: Ferocious Coup Forces Campaign Terrorizes Peaceful Civilians

Pro-Democracy Alliance-Menoufia: Ferocious Coup Forces Campaign Terrorizes Peaceful Civilians

An ongoing violent crackdown by junta forces in Menoufia’s Sadat City, with unprecedented security raids on homes of citizens perceived as opponents of the coup regime was intensified in the past few hours. Homes of such ‘dissidents’ have become ‘legitimate’ targets for coup security agencies in Menoufia, who feel free to loot local residents’ personal belongings, smash up their furniture, and terrorize women and children without mercy or legal warrant or justification.

Brutal junta forces stormed dozens of homes and rounded up, arrested and detained many residents of Sadat City in the province. Passing cars and citizens in streets around the whole area are being stopped and searched at many police and army check-points that spread at the entrances to all areas and in main streets, under the direct supervision of Menoufia Director of Security, who personally descended on Sadat City to oversee the barbaric storming of houses and the arbitrary arrests, abuse and humiliation of citizens.

Thus far, the violent crackdown by Mohamed Massoud, coup security director in Menoufia, has committed a vast number of violations of people’s basic rights, especially the right to personal security and safety guaranteed by the constitutions and laws of all the world. But then, the blood-thirsty coup regime and its barbaric Interior Ministry will have nothing to do with such constitutional rights. They believe they are high above the people and therefore commit a litany of crimes in complete impunity.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Menoufia stresses that the brutal practices of the coup’s Interior Ministry are a real threat to the province’s peace and security. The Alliance cannot control the responses of residents, especially young people, as junta forces continue their daily atrocities and violations, breaking into people’s homes, arbitrarily arresting and detaining people and subjecting them to enforced disappearance, which – incidentally – include six local residents who have been abducted and subjected to forced disappearance for more than two weeks now.

The Alliance holds coup security in Menoufia fully responsible for the consequences of the barbaric practices and crimes committed by its forces every day and every night against the province’s patriotic people.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Menoufia

February 7, 2016