• March 1, 2015
  • 6 minutes read

Pro-Democracy Alliance Statement: ‘Save Egypt’ Message for All

Pro-Democracy Alliance Statement: ‘Save Egypt’ Message for All

 "Save Egypt" is not merely a slogan, nor a banner raised in another Friday of peaceful revolutionary resistance for freedom, independence of this homeland, dignity and pride of Egyptians. Indeed, it is a message to all free men and women,  intended for this particular time, to say: the opportunity is still here to save Egypt and Egyptians from the failing fascist coup, the traitorous Al-Sisi and his murderous gang.

Save Egypt from poverty, from a corrupt brutal police force that tortures and kills. The recent incidents of detainees tortured to death in Matareya police station and the massacre of fans at the gates of a football stadium are clear evidence of that. Save Egypt’s workers at home and abroad, in Libya and elsewhere, from the mad decisions of the bumbling coup commanders and collaborators.

Save Egypt’s sovereignty, dignity and justice, from the coup regime, the junta that cannot not defeat the Revolution no matter how it lays siege to raging villages and how brutally it arrests non-violent revolutionaries and crushes all forms of expression.

Our message to the outside world is clear: Egyptians’ popular will is capable of saving Egypt and breaking the coup, through the Revolution as the only path to victory. Those who wish, please support popular will and the Revolution; otherwise, Egyptians’ will shall no longer wait for help from the east or west.

Everyone should realize: Egypt’s return to the path of democratic transformation, popular will, freedom, dignity and the rights of the martyrs will be a victory for the Arab World, and achieve stability on the basis of dignity and salvation from coups, plots and schemes of strife and division.

Our message to our fellow Egyptians: Let us pull together, and unite. Let us save Egypt from imminent economic collapse and a total failure of the entire justice system, from police forces that continue to murder and torture innocent people to death. Let us close ranks and rally around our love for this homeland. Al-Sisi only works to sabotage and impoverish, divide and ruin, bomb and terrorize our people and homeland. Let us gather, all Egyptians. The crisis is a lot greater than a matter of hijacked legitimacy or trampled popular will.

Our message to the coup regime: We are confident that your end is approaching fast, no matter how you try to dress up your brutal acts to deceive. Revolutionaries will inevitably save Egypt from the evil of the repressive military junta, God willing.

Ultimately, the murderer Al-Sisi’s corrupt laws will not help him. The coup gang will not find protecting in absurd rulings to ban publication and broadcast of their crimes, aimed at protecting the barbaric murderers.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance calls everyone to join the Revolution in a new decisive phase, with full and active participation of all patriotic Egyptians throughout the country.

The Alliance reaffirms that there will be no retreat from path of the Revolution, and no compromise. Only the Revolution, with God’s help, is the right and most appropriate solution for the situation in Egypt and the demands of Egyptians.

May God save Egypt and Egyptians’ blood

Down with military rule

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Friday – February 27, 2015