• January 16, 2015
  • 6 minutes read

Pro-Democracy Coalition Calls ‘Action for Freedom and Dignity’ Week of Anti-Coup Peaceful Protest

Pro-Democracy Coalition Calls ‘Action for Freedom and Dignity’ Week of Anti-Coup Peaceful Protest

 Egypt is crying out for salvation, from raging Alexandria that the traitors drowned in rotten water with their corruption; and Rafah, which is being erased by their treacherous bombs; to the Sinai, which is being bombed by enemy planes under the auspices of the traitor – the coup commander; from suffocating Cairo to plundered Upper Egypt; and from Egypt’s streets, submerged in crises and the blood of generations fighting the corrupt clique for freedom.

Egypt urges all patriotic citizens to rise and join the Revolution, for the martyrs, for the innocent detainees’ suffering in these cold days, and for Egypt’s violated honor. For Egyptian earth, that suffers murderous darkness; for the Egyptian people, who have suffered the worst persecution and poverty in the world for far too long.

It is an appeal to all patriotic Egyptians to complement the revolutionary saga being written in Egypt’s modern history. It is an appeal for all to hold the torches of freedom and dignity to light up this oppressed nation’s future; to reclaim this homeland from the traitors and the corrupt who have taken its blood, wealth and independence.

It is the duty imposed by the faith and the homeland on all police and army personnel to refuse any orders to kill or assault Egyptian people in any way, to refuse to take part in crimes of terror, or to protect the colonial Camp David traitors. The door is open for them to jump from the coup’s sunken vessel. Fair retribution will be exacted, and all crimes will be punished.

To all revolutionary men and women of Egypt:

Persist and persevere in your commitment to the revolutionary path, with full confidence and hope in victory. Explain your vision and your goals. Launch revolutionary awareness convoys. Urge all Egyptians to rise in revolt. The objective is to create a new revolutionary event in every street and town across Egypt, without sacrificing any of the revolutionary movement’s principles.

The coming developments will be significantly different, with the accumulation of protest experiences, the expanding popular support, and the continuing revolutionary tide, despite coup terror and brutality. Youths and students should lead the protest rallies, with revolutionary women an important part in toppling the coup regime.

The forthcoming January 25 wave of revolutionary protest will be distinctively different, in this new year of action. We have great confidence in the steeled resolve of Egyptian youth, who are fully aware that freedom must be wrested from the oppressors.

The traitors have exhausted all their criminal efforts and the cosmetics they used to cover them. What is coming their way is worse and more frightening.

Continue your non-violent revolutionary struggle with "Action for freedom and dignity" week of protests. Victory is near. Be prepared, with all you can, and do not say ‘when is that victory?’ Falsehood cannot last long. Triumph of the truth is inevitable.

Long live revolutionary Egypt… freedom, justice, dignity

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Wednesday – January 14, 2015