• October 30, 2015
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Pro-Democracy Coalition Calls ‘Raging People Reject Injustice’ Revolutionary Week

Pro-Democracy Coalition Calls ‘Raging People Reject Injustice’ Revolutionary Week
The first chapter of the farcical election charade is over, with a shocking outcome for the coup commanders: a nationwide popular boycott of this farce and the coup leader Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, who – thinking he owned the people – called on them to come out and cast their ballots. But the painful reply from the people assured the treasonous putschist that he has – and can have – no legitimacy, and no matter how long he will desperately  cling to power, he will remain an illegitimate ruler. His will remain a coup regime, a traitorous junta, a gang that seized power, the people’s rights and freedoms, and the homeland’s resources.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance salutes the Egyptian people’s stance against the coup and its horrid farcical charades, rejecting all forms of injustice and fraud. The Alliance asserts that this broad boycott by the people is an important step on the path of resistance towards ultimate victory over the coup. It is a vital step that paves the way for other important steps, such as mass civil disobedience.

Certainly, it is the responsibility of each and every patriotic Egyptian to stand by the revolutionary street for the liberation of Egypt and Egyptians and the construction of a state that respects its people and its history, and in which all Egyptians can live proudly – in security, prosperity and stability.

This popular boycott of the sham elections is message for all patriotic elites – including the Alliance – urging them to shoulder their responsibility, rise up to the sacrifices of the people, and rally all together behind one goal: to overthrow the coup regime, manage and reconcile differences, and direct our public rage against the illegitimate regime, until we defeat and oust it completely, leaving no trace of this murderous coup.

The Alliance calls all patriots to participate in a new week revolutionary entitled "Raging People Reject Injustice".

The Alliance renews its pledge to the revolutionaries, the martyrs, the prisoners and detainees, the fugitives, all those victims’ families, and to our elected President Mohamed Morsi: We will not relinquish our Revolution; and we will not betray its martyrs, the wounded and the detainees.

Once again, the Alliance salutes the patriots still standing steadfast behind bars and university students – the vanguard of the Revolution and resistance against despotism and repression. We also salute all revolutionaries and freedom-fighters in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq.

Victory for the Revolution

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Thursday – October 29, 2015