• September 24, 2017
  • 4 minutes read

Pro-Democracy Egypt Alliance: Sisi Menace to Arab National Security

Pro-Democracy Egypt Alliance: Sisi Menace to Arab National Security

Openly, general Sisi shows off what has been hidden since his brutal coup against democracy in Egypt. The shady relations between the murderer Sisi and the Zionist entity are clearer than ever as they meet at the United Nations in search of a false peace.

The coup junta’s media henchmen have not said a word about Sisi’s meeting of betrayal or what further betrayal and concession it is paving the way for. Nor did they talk about the secret meetings that preceded that meeting in Aqaba and the Itehadia (presidential) palace in Cairo. They did not say anything about the crimes of the blockade against Gaza or the evacuation of Sinai and the displacement of its people for the sake of Zionist security.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance warns of the repeat of a crime that will surpass Camp David with devastating effects on the Arab and Muslim World region. Now, with the atrocious high prices and gross injustice and oppression, it is time to overthrow the coup regime and Sisi’s brutal military junta, which is breaking up the whole region, aiding and abetting Western intervention, and compromising Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine.

Our patriotic stance cannot accept accusations that the Palestinian cause or rejection of the treasonous military coup in Egypt are the roots of terrorism, because the Zionist occupation, military coups and fascist dictatorships are in fact the source of terrorism in the region.

The just solution is to end the occupation, not normalization, nor the empowerment of the Zionist entity even more in the region. The just solution is to stop arbitrary arrests of Saudi scholars, and to stand firmly in solidarity with the Egyptian people – to stop enforced disappearances and the disastrous "borrowing policy", stop selling Tiran and Sanafir and other Egyptian sovereign territories, stop torturing political prisoners and stop fraudulent sale of companies, establishments and institutions.

The Alliance calls for another peaceful protest week under the banner: "Sisi and Netanyahu As One," condemning this ominous ‘intimate’ relationship, and continuing non-violent action calling for the ouster of general Sisi, who has become a threat to national security of the entire Arab region, not only Egypt.

The Alliance reiterates its position calling for uniting all peaceful efforts to achieve the just demands which is to bring stability to Egypt and save millions of poor and tens of thousands of detainees from torture and slow death. The solution is to oust general Sisi. This is by no means a threat to Egypt or its stability. Indeed, the disasters Egypt has witnessed throughout Sisi’s reign are the best proof of the catastrophe Egyptians are living right now, with the soaring cost of living and the non-stop injustice and oppression.

In conclusion, we congratulate the Egyptian people on the start of the new Hijri year 1439AH. We pray that God Almighty will make this the year where the murderer, general Sisi, is defeated. We also pay tribute to the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi and all the detainees, the political prisoners, for their incredible steadfastness. We further renew our pledge to the Egyptian people to continue to reveal the truths and to support and endeavor for freedoms and rights, so every citizen will be energized and motivated to help save Egypt from its current horrific setback..

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

#السيسي_ونتنياهو_إيد_واحدة (Sisi and Netanyahu As One)

#تيران_وصنافير_مصرية (Tiran and Sanafir are Egyptian)

#كفاية_ظلم_وفقر (Enough Oppression, Enough Poverty)