• August 19, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Pro-Democracy Egypt National Alliance Calls “Stand Steadfast” Peaceful Protest Week

Pro-Democracy Egypt National Alliance Calls “Stand Steadfast” Peaceful Protest Week

We still live the memories of August 2013, where horrific massacres executed in cold blood by coup junta forces claimed the lives of thousands of martyrs – as more Egyptians are so callously killed every day at present.

The free men and women of the January 25 Revolution have proven that they were then, as they still are now, patriotic citizens who do not accept injustice nor succumb to the corrupt junta. The coup regime wanted to break their will in the tragic Rabaa Square massacre. But they responded strongly in the Friday of Anger immediately after that atrocious massacre.

They took to the streets in the millions in all provinces across Egypt, the greatest crowd witnessed by Egypt in all its history. They faced the coup junta’s live bullets with bare chests. Hundreds of new martyrs passed then, and more still do even now, at the hands of junta forces. Some are subjected to forced disappearance then killed in cold blood, while some are executed with farcical court sentences, while some are extrajudicially murdered in the streets, in their homes, etc.

In support of this epic steadfastness that has already persisted over a period exceeding four whole years, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance calls a new revolutionary week under the title "Stand Steadfast".

This uniquely resilient steadfastness – in the face of all military and police repression that utilized all the media, cultural and political means – is a powerful message to the coup junta and its fascist regime that all the free men and women of Egypt will continue to resist them until ultimate victory; they will not be intimidated by the coup’s killing machine, the hounding or arbitrary arrest and indefinite detention; and they will not give up their endeavors to defend their homeland and dignity.

Victory for the steadfast

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Friday – August 18, 2017