• January 14, 2014
  • 4 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance: No Negotiations with Murderers; Legitimacy Only Way to Stability

Pro-Democracy National Alliance: No Negotiations with Murderers; Legitimacy Only Way to Stability

 Ridha Fahmi, head of the Committee for Arab Affairs, Defense and National Security of the Shura Council (Egypt’s Upper House of Parliament) and leading member of the Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, denied false claims published recently about an initiative by the Alliance for reconciliation with the military council, according to reports attributed to Mohamed Abu-Samra, Secretary-General of the Islamic Party.

Fahmi told the Freedom and Justice Newspaper, "The Revolution has not authorized anyone to negotiate on its behalf.

There is no place in the Alliance for anyone who goes negotiating with killers and criminals. The only way to stabilize the situation in Egypt is to achieve retribution, return fully to electoral and constitutional legitimacy, and cleanse this homeland of killers and corrupt officials. This story being circulated is totally baseless.

"The agreement among members of the coalition with all its components is based on harmony and continuous interaction with the revolutionary movement on the ground. There is no room for any talk about initiatives or dialogues with killers and criminals in the military, interior ministry, junta judges, or media castrati who instigated the killing of innocent people. If statements attributed to Mohamed Abu-Samra are true, they are his own, not ours; binding for him, not us. The Revolution has learned the lesson well."

Dr. Saad Fayyad, a leader of the Salafist Front and a member of the Alliance, affirmed that this story is an utter lie, and that the idea of an initiative was never discussed within the Alliance, which is the political face for a popular revolutionary movement raging outside any groups’ control.

"The Alliance speaks and moves in tandem with the pulse of the revolutionary street. The Alliance’s recommendation for all the people is to step up their peaceful revolutionary activities to prevent the junta from faking a veneer of legitimacy for their fascist regime over the blood of the martyrs. We assure that coup commanders and collaborators will be put on trial soon on charges of ‘genocide’. They have no political future and no genuine popular support. Indeed, death is easier and more acceptable to us than laying to waste the blood of our loved ones that watered the tree of liberty in Egypt.

"Personally, Abu-Samra has no leading role in the Alliance, although his ‘Islamic Party’ is a founder-member of the Alliance. The absence of the lawyer Magdy Salem – currently abroad to attend a conference – hampers communications with the party. We do not know where Abu-Samra would come up with a story like that."

Fayyad appealed to the media to investigate the truthfulness of news about the Alliance before broadcasting them, stressing that this is not the first time certain media report Alliance news without referring to its recognized and well-known leaders.