• January 16, 2014
  • 5 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Non-Violent Revolutionary Escalation Week

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Non-Violent Revolutionary Escalation Week

To all loyal revolutionary men and women of Egypt…

Congratulations to you and to all patriotic people of Egypt, at home and abroad, on the success of the historical positive boycott and the resounding failure of the illegitimate referendum. Congratulations to you and us all on the triumph of the popular will of the Revolution once again, against the remnants of the ousted Mubarak cronies. The Revolution has gained more ground and new supporters from all segments of the society, thanks to God and to your steadfastness, your sacrifices, and your persistent struggle, which achieves more victories, day after day.

To all the loyal revolutionary Egyptian people, men and women, young and old…

Let the putschists deceive themselves and hold fools’ celebrations. The whole world laughs at them as they bring back six decades’ corruption and fraud, and the usual 99.99% results in all elections, in their favor – of course. Certainly, if they made referendums and elections ​​every day, and if they declared false results with ludicrous figures every day, they would change nothing on the ground. Remember: what is built on falsehood is false itself. Mubarak fell the same way, but they do not want to understand the lesson yet. They never will.

To all loyal, patriotic men and women…

We will not allow our country to be ruled by an ammunition-box junta that trampled the ballot-box and killed even more unarmed citizens in the days of the false referendum. We will not allow our country to be run by foreign powers. Our nation will not accept humiliation or injustice. We will never give in to the corrupt and the corruptors. Loyal citizens still undecided should make up their minds fast, as long as they have no blood on their hands, before they get sacrificed by the generals on the altar of deluded ambitions of evil and treachery.

To the resilient people of Egypt…

Let us continue our peaceful revolutionary rage and national liberation struggle. Let us reclaim the January 25 Revolution, crush the falsehood, and empower the free will of Egyptians, smothered by treachery on February 11, 2011 and then forcibly abducted since July 3, 2013. Mobilize all efforts for peaceful revolutionary escalation actions, with ingenuity and devotion, in a majestic revolutionary week that paves the way for fulfilling the demands of the martyrs and all patriotic Egyptians, under the title "Revolutionary Escalation Week", in preparation for happier days for all the oppressed, darker days for the oppressors.

Get ready for what is soon to come.

We will meet on January 25.

Bread, freedom, democratic legitimacy, human dignity…

The Revolution will continue until retribution is dispatched and justice served.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: January 16, 2014