• February 18, 2014
  • 3 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Rallies Tuesday to Commemorate Abu-Zaabal Detainee Massacre

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Rallies Tuesday to Commemorate Abu-Zaabal Detainee Massacre

To all patriotic revolutionary men and women of Egypt…

Junta judges continue to protect the killers of the revolutionaries. Meanwhile, they conduct farcical hearings that lack the most basic rules of impartiality and justice for your fellow revolutionaries from the student movement as well as national symbols of the Revolution, including the elected President Mohamed Morsi.

You, nonetheless, continue to teach the world more lessons in steadfastness and freedom, as you lead non-violent revolutionary action with ingenuity and devotion in the "Rabaa, icon of the Revolution" week of defiance and peaceful protest.

Let us mass on Tuesday outside martyrs’ homes and in all parts of the country, to commemorate the martyrs of all the events that followed the Rabaa and Nahda massacres, and the victims of the horrid crime of killing the detainees in Abu-Zaabal transport van, now that six months have passed without fair retribution is exacted of the murderers.

To the resilient people of Egypt…

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance has witnessed how the coup crimes file continuous to unfold. The Alliance holds that the Taba explosion is a new cowardly coup crime, for at least it is the result of negligence and incompetence of junta authorities preoccupied with the hunting of peaceful protesters, doubling their efforts in repressing and impoverishing the poor and needy, including workers and farmers. Moreover, these authorities spend their time and resources on falsely beautifying the face of the assassin, the coup leader, in preparation for the presidential election that has not yet begun.

To all the honorable free men and women held hostage in junta jails…

You are in the very heart of the struggle. Your epic steadfastness is winning freedom for the homeland. We promise that your jailers will never escape justice. These heinous crimes are certainly not time-barred. We announce it clearly for all to hear: The independence of the judiciary is completely lost under the brutal coup. The judiciary has become slaves to the whims and desires of the junta’s interior ministry, complicit in the repression and abuse of honorable innocent citizens. The judiciary no longer upholds the rights of the accused, not even the legitimate elected President, tried in a glass cage, and spied upon during his confidential council with lawyers, in clear violation of the most basic rules of justice. Honorable judges must stop this farce and restore the prestige and independence of the judiciary.

The ongoing revolutionary wave will continue until victory is achieved and the nation is saved from the evil and repression of the murderous military junta.

God is Great…

The Revolution will continue until retribution is served.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: February 17, 2014