• February 28, 2014
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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Condemns Rampant Corruption, Absence of Social Justice

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Condemns Rampant Corruption, Absence of Social Justice

 Proceeding from its strategic vision, and based upon the objectives of the January 25 Revolution, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance affirms the following:

First: The January 25 Revolution arose with the foremost goal of achieving social justice, which cannot be realized except with the fall of the state of corruption, bribery and nepotism. On the other hand, the military coup arose to protect the counter-revolution and the Mubarak regime, while demolishing the demands of the January 25 revolutionaries. The ruinous coup also arose to sabotage the steps taken by the elected President Mohamed Morsi to shatter the state of deep corruption and apprehend the treasonous agents of foreign powers. By contrast, the putschists’ constitution was designed to cover up and protect corruption. The generals even chose – to lead their second illegitimate coup-installed government – an individual against whom there are serious accusations of corruption.

Second: The Mubarak regime’s main disease, brought back by the traitorous coup, is the linkage of wealth and power within the ruling class to protect its interests and continue its domination. It is also intended to deprive Egyptians of their right to redistribute the wealth long monopolized by the businessmen of the now defunct National Party (NDP)’s trustees and policies committee, and leaders within the military, police force, judiciary and media organizations, who saw the January 25 Revolution as a threat to their interests, and so applied the principle of "After me, the flood".

Third: In our understanding of the modern democratic state, social justice is tied to the concept of justice and freedom, not only to fiscal policies and the material right to a dignified life. Moreover, social justice is a right of every citizen, not a favor or gift from the ruler.

Fourth: In our understanding of wealth, social justice is closely tied to the issue of development. It gives private capital the right to grow, but without exploitation, monopoly or exclusivity. It gives every citizen their right to a fair share of the homeland’s wealth, thus avoiding hatred and fostering belonging. The modern democratic state fights poverty and all its causes; development and justice are not sufficient without fighting and eliminating corruption by opposing the corrupt gangs and criminals who enrich themselves through ill-gotten gains and steal what belongs to the weak.

Fifth: We strive to attain a social justice that downplays, overcomes and ultimately eliminates class struggle. Currently, twenty percent of the people accumulate 80% of the wealth, while the remaining 80% only own 20%. Furthermore, 5% of the people own 50% of the wealth, leaving the remaining 95% with the other 50%. Meanwhile, 40% of the people tragically suffer well below the poverty line.

We do not call for absolute equality between the working and the standing, or the gifted, the active and the lazy – that runs against the laws of nature. But social injustice also does not lead to stability. We call for a just social system that fosters belonging and allows everyone to lead a positive, fulfilling and productive life.

Sixth: The elimination of corruption, its criminals and means requires the escalation of the Revolution. Its victory – of which we are sure – must be followed by support for a system of integrity, with all its ways, methods and means, and active social and media participation. Perhaps the Central Auditing Organization’s announcements regarding corruption will ignite hundreds of revolutions, and drive everyone to unite in bringing down the gangs of corruption.

Seventh: The coup-appointed government promoted corruption in all its manifestations. Using politicians from pro-coup parties, it showed clear evidence of its disgraceful complicity in nurturing corruption, spying on and threatening those who uncover corruption, and participating in the resurrection of the corrupt Mubarak gang. And their reward was Cenmar’s Compensation: They were blamed for failures, and after the gang had been controlling events from behind the scenes, another individual accused of corruption was brought out to take direct control.

Eighth: After bringing down the coup, we will strive with our people to strengthen oversight authorities, cleanse the judiciary and support its independence, and create an authority to fight corruption with a focus on the ministries in which it has taken root, while placing them under strict oversight.

Ninth: We strive to complete the effort in recovering smuggled wealth belonging to the deposed regime, and which has been put on hold by the military coup. There can be no compromise; this wealth belongs to the people. It must be returned in its entirety.

Tenth: We call on all honorable people now to immobilize corruption and expose it by documenting evidence and moving against it in all possible ways, in preparation for a complete purge after the coup is brought down.

Eleventh: The corrupt gang’s enmity to the Revolution and the revolutionaries is an honor. Our persistence in holding them accountable is in fairness to the people as well as in support of integrity and noble values that preserve society. The corrupt have been given hundreds of chances, but they do not desist.

They do not realize that the Egyptian people can be patient for a long time, but their anger is sudden. Let them beware the anger of the people, for the time is at hand for purging, dismantling the evil gangs, and stemming the theft of wealth God has bestowed on Egypt.

To all the loyal revolutionary Egyptian people…

Your rage and revolt – against corruption and the absence of justice for nearly ten years – has disturbed the slumber of the corrupt, and interrupted their plans, especially after the climax of the January 25 Revolution and this new revolutionary wave. So complete your great Revolution, and continue your calls for "Bread… Freedom… Social Justice… Human Dignity".

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance
Wednesday, February 26, 2014