• April 21, 2014
  • 3 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Week of Peaceful Protests Against Corruption, Cronyism

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Week of Peaceful Protests Against Corruption, Cronyism

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance’s statement to all the loyal revolutionary Egyptian people…

Your revolt is gaining more grounds everyday. Your persistent peaceful protest action is giving Egypt’s enemies at home and abroad ever more sleepless nights. Student action, in particular, has become an unstoppable revolution in its own right, after public revolt took root everywhere.

Now, Egypt is sitting on a volcano of public anger, and no-one knows when it will explode. Certainly, it will not be stopped by the coup regime’s stupidity as it plots more fake bombing incidents, by the military junta’s terror campaign or their militias’ continued murderous brutality, or by the heinous cowardly tactics of the counter-revolution led by Mubarak’s lackeys.

The coup regime continues its ominous ruinous madness, having sold all the country’s resources to Egypt’s enemies. Now, Egypt is reeling from hunger, high prices, total lack of security, inequality and the coup regime’s refusal to honor its false promises to impose maximum and minimum wage limits, while it removes essential subsidies – which means forcing the poor to shoulder the burden of the economic deficit caused by the ruinous military coup.

Coup authorities do not hesitate to kill citizens, without distinction between opponents and supporters. Why should they bother to be selective? All murders will be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood. In any case, the heavily armed masters cannot be held to task, and the people’s blood is cheap, even worthless, in the "fiefdom" the junta think they run, where they pass laws that legitimize their crimes – in the absence of the legislative authority. It is, indeed, the "fiefdom" the murderous junta wanted.

Meanwhile, military-controlled hostile media have no qualms creating an alternative reality where they portray thieves as the honorable citizens, greedy coup generals as reluctant heroes and leaders, selfish corrupt businessmen as sincere patriots working selflessly for Egypt, and criminal traitors as champions of patriotism defending the homeland.

The junta’s media henchmen – willfully, deliberately and with premeditation – ignore tens of millions of honest demonstrators calling for reinstatement of democratic legitimacy, for fair retribution, freedom, bread and justice.

The Revolution has achieved important targets for the current stage, putting us on the threshold of a new vital phase. So, get ready, and start a new week of peaceful revolutionary action under the slogan "Egypt is no-one’s private fiefdom". Defy coup forces everywhere across Egypt. Help the homeland’s great rebirth.

Renew and strengthen your bonds with God Almighty. With His support, rely on nothing but your own action and steadfastness. Falsehood is like a house of cards. It can only last but a few moments.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: April 17, 2014