• June 5, 2014
  • 5 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Vows Escalated Peaceful Protests Across Egypt

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Vows Escalated Peaceful Protests Across Egypt

To honor our pledge to the martyrs of the Revolution, we say to all Egyptians…

Sixty years of military rule in this country brought to Egyptians only desolation and destruction, poverty and widespread corruption, ‘fiefdom’ mentality and the loss of national independence. The traitorous commanders did not understand the message of the January 25 Revolution.

They executed the illegitimate military coup to undermine the Revolution and sabotage its gains. They toppled the first elected civilian president who came through legitimate measures – free and fair elections – in an evidently democratic atmosphere.

They brought in another military ruler, one of the vassals of the Zionist American lobby and the West – made president in a completely illegal fraudulent farce elections, which was certainly null and void, boycotted by the vast majority of Egyptians. This failed military usurper of power will not last long. The ruinous coup will ultimately fail, God willing. Egypt will not be ruled by a traitorous murderer who divides the people and sets up gangs of corruption and private fiefdoms in each and every establishment.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance continues to meet the call of the people… until victory, believing that the future is for us all together, determined by all the revolutionaries. The Alliance solemnly appreciates the people’s great determination to honor their pledge to the martyrs and to secure the success of the third revolutionary wave in 2014, demonstrated in the successful boycott of the sham elections.

Furthermore, the Alliance deeply appreciates the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi’s letter. He is not separated from his people, even in prison. The Alliance also affirms to all Egyptians, that it gave full opportunity for coup commanders and collaborators – over the past ten months – to retreat and accept the will of the people, of the Revolution and the revolutionaries, and to stop the coup terror that hit every home.

The door is still open for an exit from the crisis, by the putschists meeting the people’s demands in full. Otherwise, let us all revolutionaries turn up in a massive demonstration on July 3 in a massive new wave of the Revolution to end military rule and the murderous military coup.

To all patriotic revolutionary men and women of Egypt…

The Revolution is your own. Stand firm and defend the truth. Escalate your non-violent revolt in new waves of rage against the coup. Make use of accumulated experience, the mechanisms of popular resistance and tactics of creative peaceful defiance. Youths and students should bravely be at the forefront in every rally.

Let’s start with "The Generals Think It’s a Fiefdom" week of revolutionary action Friday June 6 with continuous effective revolutionary action in every city, town and square, especially on the illegitimate ‘inauguration day’. Meanwhile, we should start religious activities, the first of which will be fasting Thursday in solidarity with the champions of the battle of empty stomachs and the ongoing prison uprising. We should also commit to the continuation of the economic boycott of all collaborators with falsehood at home and abroad. Victory comes with patience.

Down with military rule…

The people have spoken: the coup must be overthrown.

The people do not recognize the coup… No negotiations on the Martyrs’ blood.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: June 4, 2014