• June 21, 2014
  • 3 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Hails ‘Egypt No Military Camp’ Protest Week Kick-Off

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Hails ‘Egypt No Military Camp’ Protest Week Kick-Off

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance issued the following statement:

More millions are joining the revolutionary march against the terror of the coup every week, rallying around the call to the July 3 (2014) uprising, their marches targeting sites with clear messages:

Hundreds of thousands demonstrated outside the Military Academy, to tell army students: "Egypt is no military camp".

Demonstrators rallied in Mansheya and Ramses squares, so everyone realizes that the street belongs to the revolutionaries.

Protesters persisted in Matareya and Boulaq Dakrour, giving three martyrs, killed by brutal coup forces, and in hundreds of other sites, despite unparalleled coup terror, to strongly say: "Retribution is coming fast; the military murderer will be toppled soon".

The people are rejecting the mass execution sentences recklessly issued by puppet judiciary, in a clear message to coup judges: "Your unjust verdicts are a serious escalation at a dangerous time, which unfortunately will cause Egypt great damage".

Millions challenge the putschists by raising "Say peace be upon the Prophet" banners and denouncing the closure of hundreds of mosques and the banning of Friday prayers in many others, warning the putschists of the wrath of God Almighty. We praise the Lord who blinded the putschists’ insight and blessed the hearts of the revolutionary men and women of Egypt.

To all the loyal revolutionary Egyptian people…

The fearful general – who is totally isolated from the people – along with his hired mindless militias, continue all the horrid crimes that incur the wrath of God: the policies of cold-blooded murder, torture and bloodshed, the slaughter of the poor, support of the corrupt cronies, rewarding foreign powers that supported his coup over popular will, and most recently – the degrading meeting he had in an aircraft on the land of Egypt.

By contrast, you continue all the good work that pleases God: you give honorable Martyrs in the cause of God, in the heart of an Arab region targeted by many enemies, offering sacrifices for salvation, igniting revolt against oppression and tyranny. Such are popular revolutions: struggle, perseverance, sacrifices and victory, then retribution.

The revolutionary movement continues. The popular resistance against the coup evolves, sticking to non-violence and innovative ingenuity, producing new mechanisms that drive the Revolution forward and push the coup to a well-deserved dark abyss. Now, steer the peaceful defiance movement as you see fit, based on your situations on the ground. You still have sufficient ingenuity to transform your tactics.

Our revolutionary rendezvous is on the fifth of Ramadan, the holy month of Islam.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: June 20, 2014