• August 23, 2014
  • 6 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance: Revolution Spirit Still Burns Bright for Egypt Future

Pro-Democracy National Alliance: Revolution Spirit Still Burns Bright for Egypt Future

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance issued the following statement hailing the progress of public protests in the fourth revolutionary wave "Retribution is Our demand" and urging a ‘partial’ general strike on August 30:

The spirit of the Revolution burns on in the hearts of millions of Egyptian youths, and the patriotic Egyptian people persist in their peaceful struggle to regain their Revolution, their will, freedom and dignity, and to support the brave and proud people of Palestinian.

Every day Egyptian families set great examples of sacrifice and fortitude in the face of military junta terror where, today (Friday), the widow of a martyr killed in the Rabaa Square massacre a year ago was herself killed in a peaceful rally, leaving behind a little child who will have to complete the journey parentless, a witness to the treachery of the cold-blooded killers. The blood spilled today – like the blood of Gaza martyrs yesterday – will fuel our fury, light up the path of the Revolution here in Egypt and of the resistance there in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

The National Alliance will tread firmly on the path of the Revolution until we achieve all the people’s demands and goals. All the while, we will monitor developments in the Palestinian scene, with the mindless servitude of the military junta to their Zionist masters, and the humiliating junta fall dragging Egypt into the mire.

The treacherous American-Zionist Alliance and its henchmen in Egypt have failed to separate the nation from its identity and its defiant heart. They have exposed their betrayal and accelerated their defeat by burning through all the stages at full speed.

The Zionist enemy and its continuing oppressive aggression against the Palestinian people and their valiant resistance is a real threat and a barbaric aggression against the entire nation, especially Egypt, which makes it incumbent on all honorable patriotic citizens to unite in the face of these brazen threats.

Today’s Egyptian Revolution is part and parcel of the nation’s long struggle for its independence and freedom, its escape from the dominance of a savage global system that seeks to erase our identity and halt the progress of our people toward liberation and rejuvenation of this homeland.

Egyptian youth will persist in their revolutionary activities, with ingenuity, devotion and selfless dedication, to achieve the great goals that the entire nation hopes for, and to end the nightmare of the murderous military junta and their heinous intrigue that seeks to crush the Revolution.

Egyptian youth will come forward in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Gaza and the heroic resistance, will expose the repressive junta’s betrayals and prepare for the August 30 revolutionary protests. Those should include inviting the masses to a partial strike from work, on that day, in preparation for the "empty offices" battle and total civil disobedience.

The occupiers and collaborators will leave – voluntarily or involuntarily.

Our rendezvous is August 30

The Revolution continues… The streets are ours.

Retribution is our demand… Freedom is our goal.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: Friday – August 22, 2014