• November 1, 2014
  • 6 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls ‘The Junta Sells The Sinai’ Week of Revolutionary Protests

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls ‘The Junta Sells The Sinai’ Week of Revolutionary Protests

Our people in the Sinai are facing a tragic, disastrous predicament, unprecedented in the whole region’s history, as the masterminds of the bloody military coup in Egypt start the massacre of evicting Rafah, bombing Sinai homes, and forcibly displacing its residents, in shameful implementation of the Zionist scheme to establish a buffer zone there.

In a proxy war for the Zionist enemy, the heinous deceiver, the coup commander, delivered on his promise to his Zionist masters, collaborators and conspirators in a suspicious and scandalous timing, on the 58th anniversary of the tripartite aggression against Egypt, while his Zionist friends forcibly displace the people of Jerusalem.

We have often warned against the pitting of the military establishment against the people, but the coup commanders are determined to force it to wade in the blood of innocent Egyptians, to humiliate, torture and kill fellow citizens, to spread violence and terror, impose martial laws, and wreak chaos and instability everywhere, after massacring the innocent children and soldiers of Egypt in a bloody scene very much like those in Syria and Iraq.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance strongly denounces all crimes committed against our people in the Sinai and against Egyptians in universities and streets across the country, especially the persistent crime of kidnapping women and girls from their homes.

The Alliance further stresses that these reckless barbaric actions will lead to tragic consequences for the junta and its corrupt cronies in the coming months. Meanwhile, these atrocities will not fix the coup terror’s failure. Indeed, they will force large swaths of the Egyptian people to seek revenge and exact prompt retribution from the junta and its collaborators.

The Sinai Peninsula and its people have a very special status in the hearts of the Egyptian people who will fight to save it and the entire homeland, and to defend Egypt’s honor and national security by rejuvenating, developing and populating the Sinai, not displacing its people. It was the legitimate President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi’s national project to implement a comprehensive development effort in the Sinai, which the coup scuppered.

Despite the importance of the Sinai, Egypt’s eastern border, the bloody putschists are rushing blindly to sabotage it, determined to violate all values of honor and patriotism, the law and the Constitution, working even against Egypt’s national security. So now everyone can plainly see that the coup and its commanders are the root of true terrorism, as witnessed in the junta’s unprecedented barbaric treatment of the Sinai residents just like a sworn enemy.

To all revolutionary men and women of Egypt:

You have succeeded, under the leadership of the great student movement, in shaking the pillars of falsehood. You forced the junta to announce a new defeat by deploying armored personnel carriers in the streets, in blind militarization of the whole country. The coup commanders are creating a false battle to distract the people from their failures, their terrorism and violence and the consequences of their bloody-minded approach and their massacring of people and soldiers.

Be alert and do not listen to deceitful calming rumors or misleading campaigns of disinformation. You know your true guide and your real battle to save the homeland and the people. Continue your peaceful escalation, mobilizing all Egyptians to join your struggle.

To all the proud and patriotic people of Egypt:

Our homeland is in danger and needs all your efforts. So, join us in a powerful protest week under the title "The military sells the Sinai". Declare your rejection of ongoing atrocities and bloody crimes in the Sinai. Reaffirm principles of national independence and alert everyone to the danger of the Camp David regime, the treacherous military coup regime.

Defend Egyptian national security, and do not forget to support students, prisoners and detained men and women as well as the heroes of the empty-stomach battles. Raise high the flags of Egypt. Prepare for the good revolt to save the army and guide it back to its real mission of defending the homeland, on November 18 – in memory of the ‘One-demand Friday’.

Be prepared for all scenarios. The storm is building up for the final sweep. Victory comes with patience, selfless devotion and effective revolutionary action.

Down with military rule!

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Thursday – October 30, 2014