• November 21, 2014
  • 3 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Condemns Arrest of Mohamed Ali Bishr by Coup Forces

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Condemns Arrest of Mohamed Ali Bishr by Coup Forces

 The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance denounces the arrest of Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr, leading member of the Alliance and Minister of Local Development in legitimate President Mohamed Morsi’s government, and rejects the continued savage campaign against the groups that make up the Alliance, as well as their members, and against the young men and women of the revolutionary student movement.

The junta is in a state of total confusion, like a slaughtered bull, with popular rejection of the coup doubling and the effectiveness of anti-coup events increasing. The arrest of Dr. Bishr is no doubt a great loss for the Egyptian political arena; but it will not affect the Alliance’s principles or chosen path. It will only steel our resolve to topple the bloody coup regime and the traitorous junta.

The military coup regime arrests Alliance leaders, persecutes its members, insists on escalating junta repression and terror, and tramples all red lines in its brutal manhandling of peaceful women. But, certainly, this will not stop the Revolution. The coup commanders and collaborators will pay for their crimes dearly. We will not respond to these crimes with mere words, but with protests in all public squares across Egypt. The table will soon turn on the oppressors.

The Alliance will persist on its revolutionary path. It will continue to lead the revolutionary movement on the street. It will further continue to unite anti-coup popular protesters until the January 25 Revolution achieves victory, defeats the coup, uproots the repressive junta and its corrupt cronies, exacts retribution for the martyrs, and restores the correct path for the country according to the Alliance’s strategic vision announced in November 2013.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Thursday – November 20, 2014