• November 27, 2014
  • 7 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement Calls ‘All United’ Week of Peaceful Protests

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement Calls ‘All United’ Week of Peaceful Protests

 Revolutionary Egypt is moving forcefully forward, towards an inevitable victory, in spite of all enemies, as the whole nation expresses outrage at the American- Zionist axis’s hostile policies and determination to support authoritarian coup regimes and military juntas, break popular will for liberation and impose a specific national identity to ignite a clash of civilizations.

Revolutionary Egypt actively seeks to end the illegitimate coup and all consequent actions and processes, achieve victory for popular will, freedom, rights, retribution, dignity, justice and full independence. It also endeavors to save state institutions from certain collapse and the current suicidal path. Neither the US, nor its traitorous agents will rule over this homeland.
National identity is the common culture that binds all segments of society together. Freedom is an essential human requirement. The people’s demands must be met. Retribution safeguards life. It is not revenge or score-settling. Youth are the builders of the nation, with their awareness and steadfastness.

Let’s get over all junta intimidation and repression, and  actively participate in a thundering week of revolutionary protests under the slogan "God is Greatest, We are All United" to reject coup terrorism, destruction and aggression against the people and all their rights.

No identity without freedom. No freedom without retribution.

Our new revolutionary week will start with a huge protest rally on Friday, November 28 in all parts of this homeland. Protests should continue with revolutionary action demanding retribution on Saturday, November 29 as a junta court issues its verdict against ousted president Mubarak, Habib Al-Adli and their corrupt cronies. The people will express outrage at gross injustice, if those criminals are acquitted like their mates Izz, Sorour, Al-Sharif and others.

To all revolutionary men and women of Egypt…

Our vision is clear, and well known since November 2013. It is the compass that guides our peaceful Revolution; in its shade all Egyptians are gathered – Muslims and Christians, all-united … one hand in the face of the coup. Freedom will continue to bring us together. The January 25 Revolution also unites us. Bringing the whole people together is our objective.

Egyptian youth calling for rejection of aggression on national identity have that right. That is the voice of truth, after they witnessed junta aggression against mosques, the burning of the Holy Quran, and the rape of Egyptian women. Young people – of all political orientations – are the Revolution’s hope and Egypt’s future.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance will continue to endeavor for all Egyptians’ hopes and ambitions, including those who call for defense of national identity. The Alliance appreciates all peaceful revolutionary youth activity against the coup. Its protest action will continue with all strength, for all the objectives of the Revolution, despite the coup regime’s terror and ferocious fascist campaigns.

We will complete the January 25 Revolution and achieve all its goals. We will unite all the patriotic people of Egypt. All raging oppressed Egyptians will close ranks in preparation for the moment of decisiveness and ultimate triumph, at the right time, with neither haste nor delay.

To Egyptian youth of the January 25 Revolution, the generation of positive change…

Persist and persevere through your Revolution’s waves and stages. The martyrs families await fair and prompt retribution. Egypt awaits salvation at your hands. Seek God’s help, and commit firmly to the fundamentals of this revolutionary movement. There will be many consecutive revolutionary rounds.

We will wrest the objectives of the January 25 Revolution, and never relinquish any of them. We do not expect any-one to grant us our goals. We will not negotiate or compromise the Revolution’s objectives. We will not stop until we achieve final victory, to live free – with dignity, for our children to know that their parents and grandparents never accepted injustice or the rule of corrupt generals. They will know that we never betrayed our homeland, our faith or legitimacy.

Chant for freedom and democracy in all streets and liberty squares across Egypt. Raise high the flags of Egypt, pictures of the martyrs and the Rabaa symbol of resilience and defiance.

God is Greatest… Greater than all the tyrants, the despots, corrupt judiciary, and the global coalition of treachery and conspiracy

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Wednesday – November 25, 2014