• November 30, 2014
  • 5 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Hails Protester Courage; Calls Huge Rallies Saturday

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Hails Protester Courage; Calls Huge Rallies Saturday

 Coup security terror and repression did not discourage patriotic revolutionary Egyptians from moving forward with their Revolution, and Egypt challenged counter-revolution fascism, in spite of the blood spilt, the criminal arbitrary arrests, the live bullets, the junta’s relentless war against the people, and the implication of the army.

On Friday, Egypt’s honorable revolutionary people smashed all barriers set by the repressive military junta to prevent them from turning out in protests. The junta’s militias also failed to prevent the Egyptian people’s uprising, especially patriotic youth, in huge protest activities throughout Egypt in response to the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, in the first day of "God is Greatest… We are All One Hand" week of peaceful revolutionary action.

The militarization of the state, turning Egypt’s streets into military encampments, indicates the weakness of the coup, the junta and its failure to quell the revolutionary movement and the peaceful protesters who are clearly winning the street struggles.

This promises a near victory, as all Egyptians realize who is the real enemy of the Revolution, and that the coup commanders and collaborators are nothing but a tool in the hands of the American- Zionist axis to protect the traitorous Camp David regime and ensure continued control over this homeland’s resources.

The Anti-Coup Alliance mourns all the martyrs shot dead by coup militias, prays for a speedy recovery for the injured heroes of the Revolution, and places all responsibility for the violence and murders on the traitor Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and the junta which blindly carries out US orders.

The Alliance accuses the junta, its cronies and militias of continuing their brutal campaign of premeditated mass murder. The Alliance assures that the killing of more protesters will further fuel the Revolution, and that the junta’s sacrificing of Egypt’s army and police personnel, in attempts to blame protesters for murder and violence, is a most heinous practice, a traitorous trick that the people have long since debunked. However, this requires careful consideration by all army and police recruits and officers. Our popular Revolution is peaceful and will never be an armed revolution.

The Alliance solemnly salutes all the patriotic protesters, men and women, young and old, who came out Friday, to reclaim their freedom, identity and dignity. The Alliance urges all Egyptians to complete their Revolution, and come out in huge rallies in the battle to rejuvenate the Revolution, Saturday, November 29, 2014 in all the streets of Egypt, in response to the verdict in ousted Mubarak’s trial.

Your huge and courageous turnout Friday put terror in the hearts of the treasonous military junta. Likewise, on Saturday, we hope our huge demonstrations would prevent the exoneration of the corrupt pharaoh. This should be a day of unification of all Tahrir protesters and revolutionaries as well as the martyrs’ families. We must all close ranks and unite against the illegitimate coup and the fascist junta, created by the criminal pharaoh.

We are all One Hand against the brutal military coup

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Friday – November 28, 2014