• January 27, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Praises ‘Egypt Speaks Revolution’ Raging Protest Wave

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Praises ‘Egypt Speaks Revolution’ Raging Protest Wave

 On these days of anger, we solemnly salute all the men and women of the raging Revolution, whose courageous actions in the streets are helping defeat the fascist junta. We bid the martyrs of the Revolution farewell. Junta militias’ live bullets had no mercy on them. We vow to exact retribution for all martyrs.

We also salute every detainee, political prisoner and wounded protester, at the start of the "Egypt Speaks revolution" protest wave, which has proved in its first day that popular rage has been ignited, and will not stop. The next steps – determined by revolutionaries on the ground – will shock, confuse and awe the illegitimate putschists.

The Revolution in the streets will continue to call for the cowardly traitor Al-Sisi’s ouster. This time, neither he nor his heinous gang will succeed in containing the anger, the popular rage, of patriotic citizens out to restore the January 25 Revolution and achieve its demands.

No-one can stop the great wave of revolutionary protests in Egypt’s angry streets now. The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance stands steadfast with every protest activity that will help stop the junta’s brutal forces, as part of the revolutionary wave that will not retreat or hesitate on its way to oust the junta, poverty and injustice, from this homeland of all Egyptians.

Before you, in the raging Revolution, all fair and prompt options for justice are open, against every institution, individual or organization that supports the illegitimate coup and insists on impoverishing the Egyptian people. You will make the necessary change, with your decisive revolutionary actions. You will force the whole world to once again respect your popular will.

Make these days of escalating anger, in order to achieve for Egypt and Egyptians freedom, dignity, justice and retribution for the martyrs.

Freedom, social justice, dignified living

Down, down with military rule

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Monday – January 26, 2015