• February 6, 2015
  • 3 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement: Reject Junta Calls for Murder Mandate

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement: Reject Junta Calls for Murder Mandate

As the Revolution moves forward everyday, more calls to civil strife are made by the junta, which is determined to stay on over the blood of innocent Egyptians, just like Mubarak before his ouster, before the Revolution’s triumph in the Battle of the Camel. Al-Sisi is now making the same mistake, while he impoverishes Egypt further and divides the Egyptian people with his failing tactics. However, the Revolution is impossible to stop. The revolutionaries’ wrath will not end.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance solemnly salutes the men and women – young and old – of the Egyptian Revolution, who continue to commit to peaceful protest in spite of all kinds of junta incitement to murder, violence and injustice against them.

The Egyptian Revolution has to enter a new revolutionary phase in order to defend Egypt and the remainder of Egyptian unity. Meanwhile, the murderer Al-Sisi, who took the first mandate and committed the horrid massacres, must realize that most Egyptians will not be lured this time into ruinous internal infighting, and that the end of his coup regime coup will be onto him soon.

The National Alliance calls on the masses of the Egyptian people to close ranks in revolutionary unity, and to participate tomorrow in "Reject the Murder Mandate" Friday, as part of the revolutionary wave "Egypt Speaks Revolution", in demonstrations that will be launched in all public squares across Egypt.

Al-Sisi and his gang are gambling with Egypt’s all. They are the makers of terrorism and violence. They are the enemies of this homeland and its poor and needy citizens. But the junta will not stay for long, with the help of God and the will of the revolutionaries.

All the men and women of Egypt’s Revolution must unite now to fulfill popular will, for the people’s dignity, rights, freedoms and justice.

Al-Sisi’s and his gang’s lies and illusions will not last. He cannot quell the Revolution, its students, youth, women or supporters with evil incitement, arbitrary arrest, detention or live bullets. The day for Egypt’s salvation is near. Then, everyone will realize that the Revolution was the most appropriate solution for the homeland’s future and citizens’ rights.

God save Egypt and Egyptian blood

Down with military rule

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Thursday – February 5, 2015