• March 8, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement: Martyrs Fuel Victory

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement: Martyrs Fuel Victory

A new martyr is executed in Egypt by the coup’s sham justice and the junta’s hired media henchmen. Another martyr joins thousands of Egyptians who have been executed by live bullets of a coup regime that, certainly, will not last.

It is our destiny, all of us without exception, to start a new phase, where we hold high this homeland’s interests, and race to save the Egyptian people from the evil of the coup that widens and extends its deadly circle of brutal vengeance every day into every citizen’s home. For Egyptian revolutionaries, Mahmoud Ramadan, the martyr unjustly executed today (Saturday), is a new Khaled Said, a new spark for popular anger. His blood will further fuel the ongoing Revolution in all streets and squares. He is also a reminder of the loss of innocent people’s rights – who are not given the opportunity to defend themselves.

Patience is running out. Anger is reaching beyond statements and denunciations. The unjustifiable murder of Mahmoud Ramadan will remain a curse on silence and fear. Anger for his execution – and all the victims of the mad military junta – will not subside except through fair and prompt retribution. This is Egypt’s popular will and Revolution that the world must hear. Those who rose up in defense of the humiliated dog – earlier last week, should rise up to protest the loss of this innocent life.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance will remain in session to address the crime of murder by death sentences. It will only support the Revolution. Alexandria’s Mahmoud Ramadan is a new Khaled Said, who will be new fuel for the Revolution initiated by the people, unstoppable until victory.

The National Alliance does not accept consolation in all the martyrs of the Revolution – from January 2011 till now, including the Mahmoud Ramadan. The Revolution in the streets of Egypt must decide for revolutionary escalation, according to precise planning, with unrelenting determination, unwavering love for the homeland, and unshakeable belief in all Egyptians’ rights, in order to overthrow the coup regime, and to exact revolutionary retribution from the traitorous junta, which must be ousted.

The world community and all supporters of justice must condemn the murder of an innocent citizen with a an unjust execution order. There is no need for speculations on our steadfast stances on saving the homeland and Egyptians’ rights. We will not accept injustice. Death sentences and flawed verdicts will not terrorize us. We will continue, with God’s help, in the Revolution – in all the streets of Egypt – until we topple the coup regime.

Victory for the Revolution

Down with the rule of murderers and traitors

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Saturday – March 7, 2015