• March 12, 2015
  • 7 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement: Important Decisions, Directives

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement: Important Decisions, Directives

 In light of the latest developments in Egypt, the coup regime’s bombings, the fast increasing prices, the persecution of detainees, and the murder of opponents, and in order to serve the interests of the homeland, maintain its stability and safeguard the Egyptian people’s rights, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance announces the following:

1. The National Alliance is in permanent session, constantly analyzing the fast-paced events, and declares the start of drafting a revolutionary principles document to which it calls all Egyptians, all patriotic parties and groups to rally around it.

2. The National Alliance calls on all the parties and groups that believe in the Revolution and Egyptians’ rights to start an urgent discussion for a massive rally in front of Itehadia presidential palace to oust the murderer Al-Sisi and his gang.

Actions and results should be explained clearly to the masses of Egyptian revolutionaries, in time, as part of preparations for the next wave of revolutionary protest, which we hope will be decisive in the defense of Egyptians’ rights and the homeland’s stability and security.

3. All Egyptians should be ready for the next revolutionary phase, which will demand prompt retribution that will lift injustice, reclaim freedom, establish social justice, empower popular will, reject the monopoly of power, and defend Egyptians’ national identity. The decisive moment for this peaceful Revolution may be onto us. The ongoing Revolution has persisted for more than four years.

4. No-one should bet on intervention from the east or west, or hope for a coup against the coup in Egypt, to change the equation. We should only rely on the will of Egyptians, with God’s help, in ending the country’s worsening crisis.

5. Popular anger should continue under the title "Egypt not for sale" next week, in a clear rejection of all investors who think they will monopolize the soil of this homeland and the rights of the Egyptian people, the workers, the farmers and its youth.

No-one will recognize any contracts or treaties that sell out Egypt and the rights of Egyptians, whatever the price.

6. It must be made clear, yet again, that there is no real economic conference in Egypt, and that the thieves and traitors of the military coup regime have failed to achieve any real investments in spite of all the Gulf money they looted. The junta is pushing ahead with the failed conference in an attempt to beautify and falsify a reality where the homeland is on the verge of plunging into hopeless bankruptcy, with fuel crisis, rising food prices and electricity prices and increased repression and poverty.

7. It must be stressed that the coup regime and the military junta will inevitably be ousted, God willing, and that changing some faces or switching seats will not stop the inevitable retribution. Deluded are those who think they can break the ongoing Revolution, which has stood steadfast for more than four years, and rallied in peaceful protests every day for more than a year and a half in streets and squares across Egypt.

8. We must warn the coup regime yet again of the consequences of its actions and crimes against Egyptians. Patience has run out, and no-one can stop the escalating popular anger against the coup’s murderous policies which have widened the circle of revenge into almost every home.

9. We must emphasize that the National Alliance, under very complex local and regional conditions, goes along with the voice of the Revolution, and supports all types of peaceful revolutionary action aimed at rescuing the state, preventing its collapse and protecting the interests of all Egyptians.

Victory for the Revolution

Down with the rule of murderers and traitors

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Wednesday – March 11, 2015