• March 20, 2015
  • 5 minutes read

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement Calls ‘Pro-Poor Revolution’ Week of Peaceful Protests

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement Calls ‘Pro-Poor Revolution’ Week of Peaceful Protests

 While the coup leaders rush to sell every last bit of this homeland’s dust, squandering the country’s resources to achieve the greatest gains for themselves before the nation’s resources are reclaimed by the people, there are citizens who selflessly sacrificed the most precious God-given gifts they had. They are the martyrs’ mothers – the crowns of pride on our heads, the schools of freedom and beacons of the Revolution.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance solemnly salutes every martyr’s mother or wife whose dear husband or son has been thrown in jail for defending the rights, the dignity, the present and the future of Egypt.

The Alliance renews its pledge to continue the path of the martyrs until it fulfils the demands for which their blood was spilled. The Alliance calls on the masses of the Egyptian people and its patriotic revolutionaries to join a new revolutionary week starting Friday under the banner "Salute to the martyrs’ mothers… the pro-poor Revolution". Let us continue the Egyptian Revolution, escalating popular anger against the junta who is selling illusions for projects, who sold the resources of the poor and destitute.

Deluded are those who think that there could be real economic and investment success under a ruling junta that tramples the will of the people, ignores the poor, kills Egyptians in their own homes, regularly uses political and summary executions to eliminate dissent, relentlessly persecutes patriotic judges, auctions the nation’s wealth and future, and viciously violates the rights of Egypt’s workers, youth and farmers.

The innocent revolutionaries’ blood that the junta insists on spilling every day will fuel the Revolution until it uproots the illegitimate junta and its corrupt cronies, and until the banners of freedom, dignity and social justice are raised high. The men and women of the January 25 Revolution, as well as its supporters, must mark the anniversary of March 19, 2011 as an opportunity for the revolutionary unity, by closing ranks and pledging to defend and respect popular will, freedoms and dignity. There is no more time for pondering differences. It is now time to defeat injustice and restore the legitimate rights and the lost independence of popular will.

The Revolution will continue, with the help of God, and will triumph – not based on fantasy, wishful thinking or propaganda and illusions, but on facts we see on the ground where injustice is doubling its failure and where revolutionaries are more steadfast and resilient than ever, despite the great and painful sacrifices. We repeat yet again: No voice is louder than that of the Revolution. Let us all be there at that defining moment.

A tribute to the martyrs

Let’s be ready for victory day

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Wednesday – March 18, 2015