• January 7, 2016
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Pro-Democracy National Alliance in North Sinai Calls Peaceful Revolutionary Protests

Pro-Democracy National Alliance in North Sinai Calls Peaceful Revolutionary Protests

The January 25 (2011) Revolution is a revolt against poverty, hunger, unemployment and high prices (freedom, dignity, social justice). The most important demands of the Revolution were the ousting of the regime including the President, all ministers and cronies.

The first signs of the Revolution were on the first day of the year 2011, where people began organizing protests and demonstrations against the regime which had caused many problems and crises in Egyptian society – most importantly, the trampling citizens’ dignity in their own country, torture in police stations, police departments and the notorious State Security headquarters, the persecution and humiliation of any citizen at any time, and torturing citizens to death, as happened with Khalid Saeed and Sayed Bilal. Poverty and unemployment were two more reasons for the January 25 Revolution.

The people rose in revolt until the regime was toppled and the government ousted – under the slogan "The people want to overthrow the regime". The state of tension that had prevailed in the Egyptian society for long painful years led to huge demonstrations on January 25, 2011 in protest against the deterioration of the political, economic and social conditions.

In unprecedented scenes, in all public squares in all Egyptian governorates, people came out demanding to topple the regime. The Sinai, with all its people, was part of the scene since the first day of the Revolution, especially since the Sinai had for over 30 years before the Revolution suffered marginalization, humiliation and neglect in all aspects of social, economic, developmental and political life, as well as the spread of poverty in the entire region, and high unemployment among young people.

People from all political and ideological orientations, including all national, popular and youth groups, launched million-man marches and demonstrations, from all public squares in El-Arish, Bir Al-Abd, Sheikh Zowaid, Rafah and central Sinai, demanding the toppling of the regime.

Rifai Square – the largest public square in North Sinai Governorate – witnessed the greatest mas protests, demonstrations, revolutionary events and activities as a starting point for the Revolution. The first martyr was killed on the soil of Sinai in Sheikh Zowaid City on January 25, 2011 – his name was Mohamed Atef.

Tyrant Mubarak’s regime finally fell. The country moved onto the phase of achieving the Revolution’s goals in five unprecedented (free, fair, transparent) electoral events, referendums (on the Constitution and both houses of Parliament) and the presidential elections.

Soon, the achievements of the Revolution were on the horizon, with serious and honest popular endeavors to achieve stability, freedom, social justice and human dignity. Bu, immediately, the generals turned onto the people and violated their right to democracy, freedom, the right to determine their own fate, and all the legitimate gains it earned and for which people sacrificed their blood.

On this fifth anniversary of the January 25, 2011 Revolution, we look forward to rising once again in another huge wave of protests, and we call upon the revolutionary and patriotic people of the Sinai…

1. Rise against the repressive military junta’s injustice, tyranny and oppression.

2. Freedom and human dignity are legitimate demands of the Revolution.

3. To Sinai youth… join the revolutionary protests, steel your determination and march steadily until ultimate victory.

4. To the brutal bloody coup regime… Stop the killings, the forced displacements and the horrid violations against the people of Sinai.

5. Glory to the martyrs who have passed in Sinai from the first day of the Revolution. Freedom for all honest honorable people in junta prisons and detention centers. Our deep appreciation, respect for the mothers of the martyrs, wives of the martyrs and mothers of prisoners and detainees’ wives.

Glory to the martyrs… Freedom for the Sinai

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Wednesday – January 6, 2016