• January 26, 2016
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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Hails January 25 Revolutionary Wave, Mourns Martyrs

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Hails January 25 Revolutionary Wave, Mourns Martyrs

 Despite the unprecedented security alert imposed by the fascist junta regime, brave protesters shocked the Sisi brigades and militias Monday morning with mass rallies and many protest activities, launched from 275 different locations across Egypt.

More than 300,000 citizens participated in early protest marches, as part of the "Complete our Revolution" protest week.

Courageous Egyptians proved that the Revolution is still alive and strong five years after its first spark, and is moving forth from strength to strength as it begins its sixth year of non-violent resistance.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance mourns the three martyrs of the Revolution killed by Sisi’s junta forces Monday in the Sixth of October City, in Alexandria, in Beni Suef and in Baltim. We vow to exact retribution for them and other martyrs.

This protest wave achieved its goal even before it launched, and struck with horror the Sisi regime. So, he mobilized all his forces and used all his tools of repression and murderous brutality, and imposed a state of emergency all over the country – without a formal declaration. Therefore, many closed their offices or went absent from their workplaces. Most shops and offices closed. Private sector companies gave employees an exceptional holiday on Monday.

The fascist junta turned Cairo and other cities into military barracks packed with army and police forces, tanks and armored vehicles. They continue their barbaric brutality and chaos throughout the homeland, with their corruption and terror, killing citizens, arresting the innocent and hounding dissidents in a mindless murderous crackdown, because they are desperate, trembling with fear of the Revolution.

With the start of the first protest waves, the Alliance solemnly salutes all the brave patriots who took part and proved that Egypt still has men and women who do not accept injustice, never acquiesce to the corrupt, nor fear tanks, armored vehicles, bombs or bullets.

The Alliance also hails the steadfast heroes in junta jails, who participated in the protest wave from within their prison cells.

The Alliance calls on the Egyptian people to participate in the coming waves of protests, to continue the Revolution, demand freedom and dignity, and reject subjugation and humiliation by the oppressors.

Victory for the Revolution

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: Monday – January 25, 2015