• December 28, 2014
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Pro-Legitimacy Alliance: No Retribution 500 Days After Rabaa, Nahda Massacres by Coup Forces

Pro-Legitimacy Alliance: No Retribution 500 Days After Rabaa, Nahda Massacres by Coup Forces

 Today (Saturday) completes 500 days since the Rabaa and Nahda inhuman massacres by junta security forces, amid mounting anti-coup protest action to complete the January 25 Revolution and achieve its goals. Yesterday witnessed huge anti-junta demonstrations that raised high the Rabaa symbol of steadfastness and defiance and banners of pride and dignity, where Egyptians said it yet again loud and clear: This is the ‘Revolution Mubasher – Egypt’ (a reference to the recently shuttered pro-Revolution ‘Aljazeera Mubasher (live) – Egypt’)… We will persist. God is our Lord.

500 days have passed since the most unspeakable massacres, and this homeland is still looking for fair retribution, families still mourn the lost lives of their loved ones, and the criminals who instigated, murdered and committed gross injustice are still at large – unpunished, persisting in their vainglory, tyranny and treachery, and committing even more murders for the benefit of the enemy.

500 days have passed since the massacres, and images of those we carried under a hail of police and army bullets are still in our hearts and minds, and so is the solemn pledge we made to the martyrs and their families. Still, many of the wounded are suffering painful injuries from that day of betrayal. Still, many are missing, being looked for by their families. And thousands of innocent political prisoners and detainees are still writing glittering pages of glory and self-sacrifice, right from the dark depths of the junta’s dungeons.

500 days of pains and aches that will not heal unless and until justice is done, and demands that will not be fulfilled unless we all persist and persevere in our continuous challenge of the heinous murderers, who will eventually be defeated.

500 days have passed since the massacres, when we were witnesses to the cold-blooded killing of the peaceful patriotic sons and daughters of Egypt, shot by terrorists of the junta’s Interior Ministry and the army, who have been declared innocent by an absurd report that killed the truth, dropped all charges against the coup commander and collaborators, and left the spilt blood without retribution.

500 days have passed since the largest and worst massacre in Egypt’s history, reminding all free, patriotic people that in Rabaa and Nahda thousands were killed and wounded by army and police bullets, all under treacherous, fascist political and media cover.

We will never forget that day. The murderers will pay the price one day, soon, when no bullets, dungeons or sponsors will benefit them. We are still committed to our pledge. We will not abandon it. We will not cower or retreat. We will not hesitate, rest or sleep. Martyrs’ rights, since January 25 (2011), through the massacres, and until now, will not be time-barred. We will not substitute or lay to waste the will of the people, and we will never compromise on the Revolution

Rabaa will forever remain an important icon of the Revolution, and the School of a revolutionary generation, standing steadfast in all liberty squares and junta jails, feeling the pain of the bereaved masses in factories and fields, businesses and institutions, and the spread of poverty, oppression, suicide, and torture. A defiant generation that continues its Revolution with selfless devotion, and meets the call of the martyrs, delivers on the pledges to the injured and the innocent detainees, including the legitimate elected President Mohamed Morsi.

Victory comes with patience and perseverance. Victory is from God Almighty.

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Saturday – December 27, 2014