• July 27, 2013
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Pro-Legitimacy Alliance Statement at Conclusion of ‘Overturning The Coup’ Friday

Pro-Legitimacy Alliance Statement at Conclusion of ‘Overturning The Coup’ Friday

The pro-democracy National Alliance issued a statement at the end of the ‘Overturning The Coup’ Friday, July26:

We pay tribute to the great people of Egypt…

Tens of millions of people came out today (Friday) rejecting the military coup d’état, in all the governorates of Egypt from Alexandria to Aswan, and from Rafah to Salloum.

In Cairo, million-man marches rallied, after Friday prayers, in Ramses Street, Galaa, Abbassiya Square, Caliph Mamoun Street, as well as Shubra Street.

More mass rallies marched through the streets of Nasr City, Al-Tagamou Al-Khamis, Heliopolis, as well as the streets of Matareya, Marag, Al-Salam, and Al-Zeitoun, in addition to Alf-Maskan, Ain-Shams, Maadi and Helwan, and many other streets of Cairo.

In Giza, dozens of marches that brought together millions of Egyptians rallied to Kit-Kat Square, League of Arab States, Mustafa Mahmoud Square, Al-Batal Ahmed Abdel-Aziz, Hussary Square, Istiqama Square and Al-Haram Avenue and other districts of Giza, then joined the huge Nahda sit-in.

In all cities and villages, the masses of Egyptian people turned out to the streets declaring that they reject the fascist military coup which wants to turn back the wheels of history.

These millions rejected any talk of authorizing death and slaughter of any Egyptian citizens under any claim, excuse or pretext, because the blood of Egyptians is sacred and may only be shed in battles of honor and heroism against enemies of Egypt who occupy our land and kill our children.

To the noble Egyptian people throughout Egypt:

We offer our deep appreciation and gratitude…

We cherish and honor all of you…

You have taught the whole world how to make history, and how to expose and overturn military coups.

Today, you stopped the coup commander in his tracks. The General Command of the Armed Forces must remove this man who is no longer fit to lead.

Today, you spoke the truth, affirming that you stand with legitimacy, and against the coup, and want to complete the process of construction and building of democratic and constitutional state institutions under the Constitution you approved and the leader Mohamed Morsi you elected President.

The first day of ‘Overturning The Coup’ million-man protest events has come to a great peaceful end, marred only by the heinous attacks of some police officers disguised in civilian clothes in Alexandria, killing at least 7 martyrs and injuring hundreds, and the shameful attacks on Egyptian women in Damietta.

We are confident that the next two days of ‘Overturning The Coup’ million-man protests will be decisive in the history of Egypt.

We want the people of Egypt to stand strong in peaceful and persistent protest, to prove to the world that Egypt will never return to the dark times of despotic oppression, that the democratic process will be resumed after the interruption caused by the fascist bloody military coup, that the army of Egypt will remain faithful to the homeland, is not biased to one section of the public does, and does not get involved in politics, and that Egyptian police will bravely shoulder the responsibility of renouncing killers from their ranks.

The Alliance condemns the lying media that tried to deceive the great Egyptian people by claiming that those who came out today support the coup, which is the exact opposite of the truth.

It was also most disgraceful that Egyptian military aircraft, which belong to all Egyptians, were used to film crowds in Tahrir Square and Itehadia Presidential Palace, completely ignoring all the massed that flowed naturally in all public squares in all the governorates of Egypt to protest and denounce the military coup.

May God protect Egypt, its people and its army from the deeds of certain misguided parties, politicians and commanders.

God Bless Egypt…

Pro-Legitimacy, Anti-Coup National Alliance

Cairo: July 26, 2013