• May 16, 2015
  • 5 minutes read

Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Denounces Junta Court Sentencing Elected President to Death

Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Denounces Junta Court Sentencing Elected President to Death

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance reiterates its rejection of the principle of trying the elected President Mohamed Morsi, irrespective of the verdict or decision taken by the military junta’s court against the President.

The Alliance affirms that the false charge of ‘spying’ brought by the military against Egypt’s first civilian President, and for which a sentence was passed today (Saturday), should rather be brought against the military coup commanders who sacrificed Egypt’s security and wealth for the sake of the Zionist enemy, and who stated repeatedly that their job is to protect Israel’s security.

The Alliance further asserts that the lawsuit regarding the supposed ‘escape from Natrun Prison’ had long since been deemed farcical. The prison administration closed that case in the early days of the Revolution, and the former Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Sami Annan made a clear witness-statement asserting that there is no truth in the whole story about members from Hamas and Hezbollah storming Natrun Prison.

If dates are of any significance, it is worth pondering the sentencing to death (one day after the Palestinian Nakba anniversary), in the so-called lawsuit on collaborating with the Palestinian resistance, of the first Arab President elected by the will of the people in free and fair elections, and who supported the Palestinian people and their cause, the cause of Egypt as well as the Arab and Muslim nation.

Such an event is a direct proof of the fact that the criminal gang which manages the affairs of our country is completely devoted to the Zionist enemy, and therefore a serious threat to the security of Egypt and the nation.

This case also illustrates how the President endeavored to support the nation and protect its rights and security, which angered the military gang of evil working for the nation’s enemies and prompted it to overthrow and then punish him by trying him for doing all he can to protect the nation’s rights and security.

The Alliance, therefore, calls on the Egyptian people to continue and escalate their non-violent struggle and actively participate in the revolutionary wave extending until July 3 under the slogan "Victory and Retribution" to bring down the gang of traitors and usurpers of power, who do everything against the homeland and the people just so they hang onto usurped power, and who have devoted themselves to the service of the Zionist enemy and carried out all its demands, evicting the people of Sinai and destroying their homes to protect the security of the enemy.

The Alliance, once again, solemnly salutes the resilience of President Mohamed Morsi and all the heroes behind bars who have shown today (Saturday), yet again, the extent of their steadfastness, fortitude and loyalty to the Revolution. They did not fear the court’s vindictive death sentence against dozens of them, and responded with cheers and smiles, raising the 4-finger defiance signs of Rabaa.

The Alliance reaffirms that it is continuing its endeavors to topple the illegitimate coup regime, to free Egypt’s legitimate President, restore all Egyptians’ rights in a powerful revolutionary wave that will go on until victory and retribution are achieved, and until all traitors are tried for collaborating with the nation’s enemies and giving away the homeland’s territory and wealth to the enemies. The Alliance also asserts that it remains on the path of supporting the fair Palestinian cause.

Victory for the Revolution

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Saturday – May 16, 2015