Profile of Dr Badie: A resilient leader.

Profile of Dr Badie: A resilient leader.





Mohamed Badie Abdul Mageed Samy


Date of Birth:



Place of Birth:

Mahalla Alkubra


Social Status:



Married to:

Samia Alshenawy Former Director of Islamic Dawaa School daughter of Brotherhood’s pioneer Mohamed Ali Alshenawy (Pilot) who was sentenced to death in 1954 and later commuted to life sentence.



Ammar  (Computer Engineer)

Bilal      (Radiologist)

Doha     (Pharmacist)








Academic achievements:

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine – Cairo in 1965
 Lecturer, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Assiut in 1965. 
Master of Veterinary Medicine and a teacher assistant in 1977 from the University of Zagazig. 
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and teacher of the year 1979 from the University of Zagazig. 
Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine in 1983 – Zagazig University.

 Expert Veterinary Institute in Sana’a 82 – 86 
 Professor of Veterinary Medicine in 1987 Cairo University – Beni Suef Branch. 
Chairman of the Department of Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Beni Suef in 1990 for two sessions.

Under the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Beni Suef University for Graduate Studies in 1993 for a single session
Supervised 15 Masters Degree and 12 PhDs, and dozens of scientific researches in the field of specialty.


Current work:


Professor Department of Pathology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – University of Beni Suef


Syndicate activity:


Secretary General of General Union of Veterinarians for two sessions.

Treasure of the Union of the medical profession for a single session.


Social and scientific activity:


 Member of the Governing Council of the Islamic Welfare Association Mahalla Alkubra

 Board Member, Staff Club, Cairo University 10 years, and supervisor of the branch club in Beni Suef. 
Vice-Chairman of the Board and 
Islamic Call Society in Beni Suef in 1996. 
Chairman of the Association of Housing staff members and their assistants at the University of Beni Suef. 
Chairman of the Board of Directors of pathology and clinical pathology at the level of the Republic. 
Chairman of the Journal of Veterinary Medical Research of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Beni Suef for 9 years. 
Chairman of the Service Center, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the environment – Beni Suef.

 Brotherhood responsibilities:


1975: Member of the administrative office Mahalla

1977: Leader of the administrative office Mahalla

1986: Educational Association official in Yemen up till 1986

1986: Member of the Administrative Office of Beni Suef 
1990: Official in the administrative office Beni Suef  

1994:  Education official


Status with the movement:


1996: Member of executive guidance bureau

2007: Member of international guidance bureau


Arrests and detentions by State security:

1965:  Military tribunal with Professor Sayyed Qutb and the Muslim Brotherhood, sentenced to 15 years, of which he spent 9 years,


1974:  Released and returned to work at the University of Assiut, and then transferred to the University of Zagazig, and then he flew to Yemen, he returned from there to the University of Beni Suef. 

1998: Imprisoned for 75 days in the case of Islamic Call Society in Beni Suef where he was chairman


1999: Sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in the trade unionists court case. Released after 3 years.

2008: Arrested and detained for one month during municipal elections.




Articles and speeches on the movements’ official website “Ikhwanonline”


“Quranic thoughts” presented in a series


Reviewed and presented the book “Understanding the Da’wa”




1999: Named as one of the 100 greatest Arab Scientists in the world.