• March 12, 2007
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Profile of Some MB Detainees Referred To Military Courts (Salah Al Desouki and others)

Profile of Some MB Detainees Referred To Military Courts (Salah Al Desouki and others)

The following are more profiles of Muslim Brotherhood iconic figures who have been referred to a military tribunal according to the unjust decision of the Egyptian dictator Mohamed Hosni Mubarak.

Offering these profiles, we show a paradoxical picture in which those iconic figures who are attempting, through their academic and practical qualifications, to reform Egypt while the Egyptian autocratic regime is trying through groundless charges to throw them behind bars; those people are sowing seed of reform while the Egyptian regime is trying to cut their reformist hands.

Dr. Salah Al Desouki ..

Academic Qualifications

He has a PhD in Anatomy and Embryology- a study in the phenomenon of the personal death and the effect of Situmide on the liver

MSc PhD in main sciences – Anatomy and Embryology

MSc in general surgery and pediatric surgery on methods of curing children’s burns.

MSc on the effect of Vitamin D toxicity on the thyroid

He is currently preparing, during his detention, PhD dissertation in general surgery and pediatric surgery entitled “the laparoscope in specifying and treating repeated pediatric gastroenterological pains”.

He has done many academic and medical researches, including:

– A research on post-delivery holes that emerge on cells of liver and kidneys

– A research on the effect of physiochemical materials on healing bone fractures

He is a member in a number of international organizations:

– A permanent member is in the annual conference at Al-Azhar faculty of medicine faculty.

– A permanent member in the annual society of Anatomy and Embryology

– A member in the Egyptian doctors society

– A member in the Egyptian society of surgeons

– A member in the Egyptian society for of Anatomy and Embryology

He ran for the 1989 Shura Council elections for Mit Ghamr in Dakahlia

He supervised establishing Sayyed Al-Shuhada medical center in Al-Sahafiyeen in 1996 and he was the technical director of the center; establishing another branch in Ain Shams is under way and he was also its technician manager till he was arrested.

He organized a huge fund raising campaign to collect donations for establishing a children care center annexed to the mosque; work started in the center three weeks after his detention.


Mahmoud Al Morsi ..

Eng. Mahmoud Al Morsi Mohamed Qoura

Date of birth: 25/10/1961

He has a BA in engineering from Mansoura University – department of mechanical power

He has a diploma in education from Al-Azhar University

He is currently studying to have an MA in Islamic education from Al-Azhar University

He attended many international conferences in his academic field, engineering, and including a conference in Turkey and another in France.

He attended many conferences and courses on education and upbringing

He has three children:

The eldest: Amani a High School student,

Assem a primary school student

Amer a primary second student

Al Morsi participated in establishing Al-Masa’y school, beginning from buying the land, furniture and equipments in laboratories and PCs and every thing related to the school; everything was prepared, waiting for the Ministry of Education’s licens in order to accept student admissions; however, the Ministry of Education rejected and denied him a license; he tried to take a license from Al-Azhar and make the school a private Azhar institute, But Al-Azhar demanded a permission and approval from the state security service; he was detained to abort years of successive toiling during which he aspired to achieve his dream of establishing an academically and educationally distinguished school; the case of establishing the school is still in front of a competent court while eng. Mahmoud Al Morsi is appearing before another judge, a judge in a military tribunal.


Mostafa Mohamed Salem

Born on 2/8/1962

He has BA from the faculty of commerce, Ain Shams University

He has a postgraduate studies diploma on taxes (grade good)

A result on a diploma in the cost accounting, in addition to several courses on accounting and economics.

He worked as an accountant in Al Sherif Co. for development and economy

He worked as CEO and CFO in the Engineers Syndicate club in Abou Al Fida.

He is currently a legal accountant and tax expert, and he has a private office.

He has three children:

Mohamed: primary school student

Salma: primary school student

Salem Kindergarten 1


Mohamed Mehanna Hassan ..

Accountant: Mohamed Mehanna Hassan

He is youngest among those referred to the military tribunal

Date of Birth: 26/10/1976

He has a BA from the faculty of commerce 1998

Ex-office manager of member of parliament Mahmoud Mogahed.

He is currently working in Nasa contracting Co.

He is a practiced preacher

He has one kid: Omar (2 ½ years)

This is his first detention time


Fathi Mohamed Al-Baghdadi

Name: Fathi Mohamed Al-Baghdadi

Date of Birth: 27/6/1954

He has a BA from the faculty of science and a general diploma in education

He traveled to Kuwait and worked as a math teacher for twenty years.

He is currently Al-Masa’y school principal.

He has five children:

The eldest is Mostafa: has a BA in engineering

Shaimaa, a BA from the faculty of commerce

Moataz: a student at the Faculty of Engineering

Yasser and Haitham: primary stage students.

He was arrested previously in 2005 for a month and a half of the months, and was released.

He has been arrested again and is currently referred to a military tribunal.


Farid Galabt ..

Name : Farid Ali Ahmed Galbat

Date of birth: 7/11/1962

He has a PhD in Sharia

He is a professor at the Faculty of Sharia and Law at Al-Azhar University

He lectured at several universities in Yemen for seven years

He is a member at Al-Azhar scholars front, and he received many certificates of appreciation

He has 5 children:

Rawda: a student in the secondary stage (second year)

Rahma: a student in the secondary stage (first year)

Asmaa : a student in the primary stage (fourth year)

Mohamed: a student in the primary stage (second year)

Ali: Kindergarten 1

He took part in many academic conferences belonging in Al-Azhar University


Mahmoud Abu Zeid

Name: Mahmoud Ahmed Abu Zeid

Date of birth: 2/1/1956

Bsc of medicine from Cairo University, MA and PhD in the vascular surgery

He was elected as an active member in:

International Society for Cardiovascular Surgery

He received appreciation certificate from Egyptian Doctors’ Syndicate for his role in reinforcing the health service to Egyptian citizens and raising the status of medicine, in March 1996.

The prize of the Medical Education Development Center from Al-Qasr Al-Aini Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University in 2005.

He received a prize from Asyut University.

He received an appreciation certificate from Dakahlia doctors’ syndicate.

He participated in several medical conferences including:

The Sixth Congress of the Middle Eastern and North African Chapter of The International Society for Cardiovascular Surgery

In which he was its chairperson; and that the third medical conference in Al Senbelawin.

He participated in several conferences for developing the higher education, the latest of which was the second Arab Meeting for Education in Beirut March 2005

He is a member in the international committee for developing the medical education in the Egyptian universities according to international standards

He succeeded, during his work, in developing the teaching methods in his department to the extent that students of other departments were attending his lectures due to his inventiveness and breaking norms of the traditional method of education.

He supervised over a number of MA theses PhD dissertations.

He has five children:

Fatma: BA from the faculty of economy and political sciences

Abd Al-Rahman: second year- Faculty of Commerce- English Dept.

Huda: Second year- Faculty of Pharmacy

Basma: First Year: The Faculty of Information

Safiyya: Fourth year- primary stage


Mohamed Baligh ..

Mohamed Ali Baligh

Date of Birth: 8/10/1956

He has a PhD in eyes diseases

He is currently working in the Giza-based Research Institute of Ophthalmology, and the Arab Contractors Hospital.

He participated in many international conferences in Lebanon, Syria, Spain, in addition to a number of scientific conferences held in Egypt

He has three children:

Ahmed: A student in dentistry faculty

Fatma: A student in the Faculty of Fine Arts

Ruqayya: a secondary school student

He was nominated in the elections of Doctors’ Syndicate a few years ago

There was an attempt to arrest him 4 years ago but he escaped it because he was performing Umrah (minor pilgrimage) at that time.

He has been detained among last group of businessmen, and was referred to a military court.


Amir Bassam..

Amir Mohamed Bassam

He was born Bilbeis, governorate of Sharqiya, on 1621964

He is married Angham – a graduate from the Faculty of Science and daughter of eng. Mohamed Helmi who was detained in 1965 incidents for ten years.

He has 7 children:

Fatma: 17 years- third year- Azhar secondary stage

Zeinab: 16 years- second year- Azhar secondary stage

Omar: 14 years- third preparatory school

Mohamed: 10 years – fourth primary school

Bassam: 8 years- third primary school

Alaa and Afnan (twin) 5 years- KG1

Academic Background:

-He got Bsc of medicine and surgery in 1986 from Zagazig University (grade very good).

– Pediatrics diploma in 1995 from Ain Shams University (first-seeded).

– The MA in histology 1999 (grade excellent).

– PhD in histology in 2004

– PhD in blood studies in 2004


– Pediatrician in the Health Ministry.

– A lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University .

– An assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University.

– A teacher in the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University.

– A physiology professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar Asyut university.

Political Action

A previous Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the 1995 elections of the People’s Assembly for Bilbeis constituency; he was the third-seeded after rigging the elections; he ran for 2000 legislative elections which were rigged to the benefit of the rival candidate; then he participated in 2005 elections and he received a ruling that the elections are rigged even before starting them because the rival candidate forged ballots of 17000 thousand votes of the workers in his companies; however, the judicial ruling wasn’t implemented.

Service Action

He owns and runs Al Zahraa charity hospital

He is the chief of the freedoms committee in the Doctors’ Syndicate for his prominent role in the human relief agency.

He founded a group of charities, including a society for easing marriage to offer advice and consultation to wives-to-be and husbands-to-be, in addition to offering low-priced furniture for the couple and training them on house industries.

He participates in the committees of reconciliation among quarrelers in the so called ” traditional councils”.

He organizes quasi- weekly medical convoys to villages.

He participated in several human rights conferences

He has written several books including “Do good” ; “reach out to kinship”, and ” New Warriors of Islam”.

He was detained ten times

The first was in 1987 because of 1987 elections and he remained under arrest for 3 months.

In 1989 he was prevented from seclusion in a mosque in Ramadan and was detained while he was in his seclusion and he remained under arrest for 4 months.

In 1991, he was arrested for 3 months because of banning performing the feast prayer in the open.

He was detained in 1993 on the incidents of Madrid conference because of protest demonstrations.

He was detained in 1995 for 5 1/2 months and in 1997 because of objecting to and resisting Education Minister’s decision of banning the veil at schools.

He was detained in June 2006 for 1 1/2 months because of Al-Bir (charity) committee case.

The tenth detention is the current one and he is still behind bars due to groundless charges.


Ahmed Ezzuddin

Ahmed Ezzuddin Ahmed Mohamed

He was born on 8101954- Al-Munsha’a district- governorate of Sohag

He got a BA from the Faculty of Economy and political sciences, Cairo University

He started his career in 1977 as a translator of bulletins in the radio till 1980

He traveled to work as a translator in Saudi Arabia

He returned to Egypt where he made his way in the field of press and worked in several newspapers and magazines including Liwa Al-Islam (Banner of Islam), Al Shaab newspaper in which he was its editor-in-chief.

He traveled to Kuwait in 1997 where worked as editor-in-chief of Al-Mujtamaa magazine

He returned to Egypt in 2004 and worked in Afaq Arabiya (Arab horizons) till it was shut down

He has 4 children

The eldest is Alaa (25 years): she is a graduate from the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University- married

Omar: 23 years a student in the Faculty of Engineering telecommunications dept.

Tasnim: 15 years a third preparatory school student

Ashar: 14 years a second preparatory school student

He was previously detained once in 2005.


Diya’ Al-Din Farahat

Dr. Diya’ Al-Din Al-Sayyed Abdul Magid Farahat

He was born on 16/10/1959 in Belqas, Mamsoura, Dakahlia

– He got Bsc from the faculty of medicine, Mansoura University in 1986

– He completed his postgraduate studies before trade distracts him from studying a fellowship in brain and nerves after he registered in it.

He moved to live in Cairo where he got married and has four children:

The elder is Bilal: a student in the Faculty of Business Administration

Jihad: a third secondary school student

Israa: a first secondary school student

Ahmed: a sixth primary school student.

– He got acquainted with the Muslim Brotherhood group during his university study in Mansoura’s faculty of medicine where he was the secretary general of its student union in mid 1980s and he joined the group at that time.

-He was detained four times because of his Da’wa (preaching) activities:

The first was on 1995 parliamentary elections and remained behind bars for nearly two months; he was arrested again in 2005 just before elections, and he remained in prison for about three months before arresting him for the third time in 2006 on charge of helping the poor and charity works.

-He was arrested for the fourth time on Jan., 17, 2007 and was referred to a military court, because he is the official of Al-Bir (charity) committee in the Muslim Brotherhood group and under the pretext of the case of Al-Azhar incidents along with three other MB officials on charge of belonging to an outlawed group.