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Profiles of MB Members Refered to Military Tribunals, Ayman Abdul Ghani and Others

Profiles of MB Members Refered to Military Tribunals, Ayman Abdul Ghani and Others

Engineer: Ayman Ahmed Abdul Ghani
Eng. Ayman Ahmed Abdul Ghani was born in November 1964 in Zagaziq, Sharqiya (north of Cairo).
He graduated in the Faculty of Engineering (civil) in 1986
He got married in 1996 to a daughter of Eng. Khairat Al-Shater and has four children: Sara, Anas, Salman and Habiba.
His late father was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood group and he died in 1979; his elder brother Mohamed, an ophthalmologist, is a Muslim Brotherhood member and is also currently detained and was sentenced for three years after a 1995 military tribunal; his brother Omar, an otolaryngologist, is a Muslim Brotherhood member; he has two sisters older than his as he is the youngest.
He was detained for the first time detained on his graduation year, 1986, for a few days during the feast days.
He was detained again for a month in 1992 as part of the crackdown on Sharqiya, and was released on Consultation Room ruling.
He was detained for the third time in 1994 for 6 1/2 months within the state security crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood for its protesting at the World Population Conference and the issue of removing the veil at schools, an issue which was launched by the Minister of Education.
In 1998, he was detained for six months, the first time to be detained after his marriage, and the consultation room acquitted and released him.
In 2002, he was detained for 6 months before a ruling of the consultation room released him
In 2004, he was detained for 2 1/2 months.
He was detained in March 2006 for six months to be released in late August 2006 and he was recently detained on Dec. 14, 2006 on the so called Al-Azhar students case, because he is one of the officials of the students section in the Muslim Brotherhood.
He is a civil engineer and works in the Arab Contractors Company from 1989 till now, after he completed his military service as a reserve officer in the army.



Mahmoud Abdul Latif Ali Abd Al-Jawad
Name:Mahmoud Abdul Latif Ali Abd Al-Jawad
Born on Dec., 28, 12, 1957
Email: [email protected]
Job: Owner and manager Abd Al-Jawad apiaries co.
Academic Qualifications
Graduate from a Health technical institute
Has BA of Law from Cairo University
Political Action
An ex-member of El-Behera governorate municipality
Service and Social Action
A member of the Arab Beekeepers Union
A member of The Alexandria-based Serry Bee Society
A member in many charities
Detained from 7/6/89 to 23/6/89,
from  25/10/91 to 30/11/91,
from 28/9/2000 to 25/3/2001,
from to 14/7/2006 to 2/9/20006
and from 17/1/20007 till now
Wife: Fawziya Shehata Mostafa Hanafi
Phone: 0124691996 – 0123227050
Mariam: born on 1/1/1987, a third year student at the Faculty of Education
Abd Al-Latif: born on 1/1/1988, a second year student at the Faculty of Commerce
Yunus: born on 1/10/1989, a first year student at the Higher Institute of Agricultural Cooperation.
Mohamed: born on 1/10/1991 a High School Diploma student
Fatma: born on 19/1/1998, a third year student at the primary stage



Sadek Abdul Rahman Al Sharqawi
Sadek Abdul Rahman Al Sharqawi was born in the village of Gharin, Monofiya, north of Cairo, on Fed., 29, 1950.
He moved with his family to Cairo in mid 19502s and settled in Kitkat of Greater Cairo.
Al-Sharqawi graduated in the Faculty of Commerce, the Cairo University, in 1973 and worked as an accountant for a while before moving to Britain.
After contacting a British university, it gave him a scholarship; then, he moved to Britain in 1974 after receiving an exemption from military service because he was his family breadwinner.
He received postgraduate studies in the field of computer in London in 1976; then he traveled to work in Saudi Arabia till 1994.
He got married in 1978 and has three sons: Abd Al-Rahman, Abd Al-Hamid and Abdullah and three daughters.
He was detained in 2000 for two months ahead of the parliamentary elections.



Ahmed Al Nahhas
Name: Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Al Nahhas
He was born on Feb., 12, 1959
Postal address: 10 Mohamed Mohsen, Ganaklis-Dar Es Salaam buildingsU building no. 1, flat 703
Email: [email protected]
Job: Consulting engineer
Academic Qualifications
BA in the faculty of engineering (civil)
Has a consultant degree
He received experience certificates in management of projects and sales
Public Action

A prominent member in the anti-sequestration group of engineers
The Engineers Syndicate treasurer in Alexandria
A former secretary-general of the student union in the Faculty of Engineering- University of Alexandria
He ran for the legislative elections in 2000 and 2005.
Service and Social Action
Secretary-General of the union of Dar Es Salaam buildings
Preacher and supervisor of the feast prayer open area in Dar Es Salaam
He was previously detained two times: the first from 1980 to 1981 for one year and the second, in 1987 for 20 days

His wife is called: Manal Mohamed Hussein Mohamed Eissa
Her phone number: 203 / 5771099
Her Email: [email protected]
The qualification : BA in the faculty of engineering (mechanics)
Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Al Nahhas, born on April, 26, 1987, a student in the faculty of Engineering
Yasser Ahmed Ahmed Al Nahhas, born on Oct., 19, 1990, a student in the High School Diploma
Negative effects of past and current detentions
He failed in a year in the Faculty of Engineering – in 1981
His current detention led to shutting down his company and stopping his office activities and accordingly depriving his family of the main source of their living. The Egyptian tyrannical regime froze his and his family’s assets. The security forces ransacked his house and office turned them upside-down and took all they money in the treasurer and all computers.



Gamal Shaban
Name: Gamal Mahmoud Shaban
He is 43 years old
He has a bachelor of commerce in 1989 and a BA in Sharia and Law in 2005
He worked in as an accountant in several companies in Alexandria, then he moved to work as an accountant in Cairo
Wife : Amani Ibrahim Ahmed
His family: 6 members: his mother and father and four children including
Israa: 13 years old, a sixth year student in the primary stage
Khaled: 12 years old, a sixth year student in the primary stage
Amr: 9 years, a second year student in the primary stage



Mamdouh Al Husseini
Eng. Mamdouh Ahmed Abdul Moeti Al Husseini
He was born in Al Hamzawi st., Al-Darb Al-Ahmar, Cairo
He got a BA in the Faculty of Engineering (mechanics), Cairo University in 1973
He got a BA from the Faculty of Islamic Call, Al-Azhar University, (Grade: very good) in 1997.
He got married in 1975 after completing the military service as a reserve officer in the Egyptian army.
He has three sons: Mohamed, Ahmed and Abd Al-Rahman
He moved to work in Saudi Arabia in 1978 and stayed there six years before returning to Cairo in 1984 to set up his contracts company in Nasr City. He is living now in Al-Tagamue Al-Khamis, New Cairo .
He was detained, 1 1/2 years ago for more than two months on charge of belonging to an outlawed group and other fabricated and groundless accusations.
He was detained again on Dec., 14, 2006, along with 16 Muslim Brotherhood leaders in east Cairo and he is still detained.



Eng. Ahmed Ashraf

Current job: The manager of the Islamic Publishing House
He is 50 years old
He has a BA from the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University
He spent most of his practical life working in Islamic publishing houses, starting from Al-Da’wah magazine, Safeer Co. and finally the Islamic Publishing House, in which he has been working for many years.
He has seven children:
He has seven children including 5 girls and 2 boys: Hebatullah (BA from Faculty of Theology, doing her post graduate studies), Ismail (university student), Yahya (university student), Mariam (secondary school student) Rawda (prep school student), and finally the twin Iman and Walaa (both primary school students).

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