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  • November 2, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

Program of the MB Party leads to disagreements among group’s leaders…

Program of the MB Party leads to disagreements among group’s leaders…

"Dr. Mohammad Habib, Deputy Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood group, denied information circulating about disagreements among the group"s leaders over the program of the party – [a program] which was met with much criticism by dozens of informed people and experts.
However, he admitted that there were different points of views which he considered as proof of the liveliness of the group.

"Habib made these comments to Al Mesryoon in response to what was circulated about the presence of a trend within the group led by member of the Guidance Bureau Abed Al-Min"em Abu Al-Fattouh aimed at modifying the party"s program, especially on the issue regarding the power of women in what [would] allow her to become president, the Coptic citizens, in addition to cancelling the article that stipulates the establishment of a commission of senior scholars to ratify the legitimacy of the laws, similar to the Iranian regime.

"Brotherly sources said that Abu Al-Fattouh enjoyed strong support from the General Guidance Mohammad Madi Akef, who supports amending all the program"s articles, [a proposition] that was met with strong opposition by the old guard in the group including Dr. Mohammad Habib, Dr. Mahmud Ezzat, and Dr. Mohammad Mursi who played a key role in drafting the program. The sources said that the old guard expressed a strong opposition to amending the party"s program, to the extent that the Deputy leader gave instructions to the officials and brotherly bases to refrain from convening any meetings with Abu Al-Fattouh without referring back to him. He also asked them not to post any articles regarding the program on the websites of the Muslim Brotherhood.

"The same sources revealed that Abu Al-Fattouh expressed his displeasure over proposing the program to elite and educated people without taking his opinion into consideration. Besides, he was not invited to attend the meeting of the Guidance Bureau which decided to propose the program"s draft to political elites outside the group.

"However, Habibi strongly denied the abovementioned information and regarded the reports talking about disagreements within the group as being mere seasonal attempts led by suspected sides "whose only purpose is to distort the image of the Brothers in front of public opinion", stressing that the group highly respects the criticisms directed against the program and will give them an open eye. He refused to deny or confirm that the group will amend its political program in the future especially regarding the issues of the woman, the Copts, and the Senior Scholars Commission, noting that it is still early to discuss this matter and reach a decisive decision in this regard."