Prohibition of Publication in Tamim Case Is Worrying, Says MP

Prohibition of Publication in Tamim Case Is Worrying, Says MP

Member of the MB parliamentary bloc and the committee of culture and media Mohsen Radi expressed his deep worries about the decision of the chief of Cairo Criminal Court Al Muhammady Qansuh, concerning the prohibition of publication in the case of murdered singer Suzanne Tamim.

Defendants in the case are NDP businessman Hisham Talaat Mustafa and the ex-officer of the state security Mohsen Al Sokkari.

The chief of the court decided on Sunday, November 16 during the hearing to prevent the media and journalists from entering the courtroom, and prohibited the use of mobile phones and cameras.  In addition, three books refuting the murder accusation against the businessman were confiscated.

Radi stated to Ikhwanweb that the hearings had to be publicly to let the people know what happens, and that this decision worries, especially that the media mentioned some VIP names who are probably involved in the case.

The MB MP said that “as soon as the defense demanded the hearing of Gamal Mubarak, the Minister of Interior Habib Al Adli, and other bigwig names, we heard of this prohibition which stifles freedoms, and greatly harms the profession of journalism.”

The MP said the Journalists Syndicate must take an action and ask Egypt’s transparent judiciary to rescind this unjustified decree.

Radi also pointed out that he is going to file an urgent statement to the parliament in order to save journalism and the people’s abused rights.

A number of Egyptian journalists protested on Sunday on the stairs of the journalists syndicate, against the prohibition decision.

The protesting journalists demanded a halt to these resolutions which hinder press coverage that reveals the truth to the public opinion. They also asked the syndicate to take an effective action to stop such resolutions.