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  • February 12, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Prominent German Author Lashes Out At Dainsh Newspaper

The prominent German author Gunter Grass lashed out at the Danish newspaper that published offensive caricatures of Prophet Muhammad PBUH labeling it a right wing extremist newspaper’. He indicated that it deliberately plotted to print the cartoons to ignite Muslims.

The winner of the 1999 Noble-Prize in literature said that all the newspaper’s editors had foreknowledge that Islam forbids depicting Allah or His Prophet Muhammad. Because they are rightist extremists and xenophobic, they insisted on publishing them ignoring the warnings of a Danish expert in Islamic affaires.

In an interview with a Spanish newspaper which was quoted in most German press, Grass considered the Muslim enraged reaction not surprising. It is one in a series of world violence erupted by the West when it backed the American President in his illegal war in Iraq.

Known as “Germany Conscience” and its chief author, Grass believed that the increasing wave of protest in the Muslim and Arab worlds is an “extreme” reaction to the most “extreme” crime of the West in Iraq.

’ Those in the West who claim that the publication of these cartoons is justified by the principle of press freedom are indeed ignoring fact that the same western media is controlled by giant funding companies which impose censorship on the expense of credibility to serve its own interests ’ he said.

Grass affirmed the similarity between the Danish caricatures and ugly cartoons depicted Jews published in a Nazi newspaper in 1939.