Prominent Islamist leaders Issue Statement Supporting Resistance

A statement was released by more than 169 prominent Islamic figures from all over the Muslim world representing nearly all cultural, intellectual, political and religious affiliations in the Muslim Nation. The signatories of the statement included a large number of Saudi scholars who contributed to this statement out of their sense of moral duty and a testimony to history as regards the tragedies in Palestine and Lebanon.

The statement reads as follows:

“We would like to address the Arab and Muslim nations, the influential establishments, societies and political forces, the Islamic and Arab governments and the people and the governments of the free world. We also address the tyrant, haughty and unjust powers of the criminals in Israel and their American masters, as well as their stooges and turncoats from the agents who seek to destroy the world. We announce the following :
1- We voice our unequivocal support to the Palestinian and Lebanese people in their confrontation of the aggression and struggle against occupation, and call on all the Arab and Muslim people to offer all material and moral support to them, giving this duty the top priority over all religious duties now that the two Arab countries have come under injustice, aggression, killing, displacement and siege. These brutalites make it incumbent on us to offer all possible aid to the resistacne in the two countries which stands in defense of the religion, the nation and its sacred places as well as its interests and identity now and in the future . We salute our Palestinian and Lebanese people and pray that God provides them with help in confrontation of their enemy. We remind them of the Koran verse “ To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight) because they are wronged, and verily God is most powerful for their aid.” We also remind them of the verse” And don’t delay the hunt of the enemy, if you are suffering hardships, they are suffering similar hardships, but you have hope for God while they have none”, and God is full of knowledge and wisdom” . We also remind them of the verse “ Fight them and God will punish them by your hands, cover them with shame, help you gain victory over them and heal the breasts of believers”
2- We call on invariably all the Nation’s sects to close ranks in confrontation of its enemy who seeks to eliminate us, and we also call on all Muslims to resolve all causes of dispute now that the enemy targets all the Arab and Muslim nation without exception. We must not give way to the sectarian sedition in Iraq to spill over into other places. Rather, we should, out of sense of religious duty, exert great efforts to put out the fire of sectarian violence and prevent any attempts to kindle it. Our duty, rulers and ordinary citizens, is to fulfill our national duty and rise to the challenge,  armed with religious awareness. When the nation is at war, we must be fully aware that sectarian feuds can exhaust our strengh which opens the door wide for the enemy to impose its hegemony on us. God says, “Your Nation is one and I am Your Lord, so you must worship Me”. God also says “Truly God likes those who fight in His cause in battle array as if they were a solid cemented structure”. God also said” And Obey God and His Apostle and fall into no disputes lest you lose heart and your power depart, and be patient and preserving. For God is with those who patiently preserve”
3-  We appeal to the governments of the Arab and Islamic states to fear God and observe the present and future of their people, and to go back to their Lord and religion, to close ranks and to emancipate themselves from subordination to any other people or states. We also appeal to them not to trust their enemy or submit to its dictations and pressures. God says” God prohibits you to make friend with or give protection to those who fight you out of hostility to your religion, or drive you or help others to drive you  out of your home. Those are unjust who give loyalty to them”.
Arab and Muslim rulers, the strength of our nation depends on devotion to its religion, unity and brotherhood, factors which pave the ground to its victory and expulsion of its enemy. We remind you Arab and Muslim rulers of the history, which is full of lessons to learn, and call on you to totally relinquish the illusion of the so-called peace from which our nation did not reap except killings, destruction, shame, disunity, disputes and humiliation.
We must abide by the fatwa issued by the Muslim scholars who prohibit the recognition of the Zionist state, normalization of relations with it or giving up any inch of the Palestinian land. We should believe in the fact that this criminal enemy does not recognize the rights of others except under the pressures of jihad and resistance. We call on you Arab and Muslim rulers to build your relations with states especially the US and the UN, according to their positions toward our issues topped by Palestine. The Israeli aggressors would not stay long or launch aggression on our people without the US limitless support and the Nation’s weakness and disunity.                    
4- Out of our sense of the Nation’s great role throughout history, we call on the world’s people and governments to condemn this flagrant aggression perpetrated by Israel and the US, and to cooperate with us to repel this aggression which targets the entire humanity and its interests, ruins the peaceful relations between the nations and presages a disaster, if this aggression is left on the rampage. These two states are ruled by groupings of extremists who harbor hatred to all religions and cultures and nationalities, and we reaffirm that unless these powers are reigned in, mankind will witness days much worse than it witnessed in the days of the Mongol Tatars and Nazis and the like. We affirm that the Muslim nation stands shoulder to shoulder with all peace loving people and will not forget those who have stood behind us in conformation of injustice, in the pursuit of its rights, and in protection of the future of mankind; these are principles, which our religion enjoins us to abide by. God says” God does not forbid you from making friend with and being kind to those who don’t fight you or drive you out of your home, since God loves those who are just”                                 
5- We address the US and Israel and remind them that throughout history, the wrath of God has hunted tyrants and unjust people, and His revenge can reach with the unjust everywhere. God says “ This is the way God takes revenge on the unjust villages, since His wrath is very painful”
We reassure our ability to repel the aggression, to rid our people of injustice, and to protect our sacred places and interests. God says” You, enemies, expect for us one of two glorious things: Martyrdom or victory, but we expect for you either punishment from God or by our hand, so wait, we too wait with you”. And we reassure our enemies that sooner or later the victory and freedom with come to light. However, victory requires patience and resolve. God says to the believers: Do you think that you shall enter the Garden without trials as came to those who passed away before you? They encountered suffering and adversity and were so shaken in spirit that even the Apostle and those of faith who were with him cried: When will the help from God come? Ah, verily the help of God is always near”. What you have obtained through pressure and injustice will not last long, and our nation will only restore its rights, just as it did with the Crusades and the modern imperialism, and just as it does now with the Palestinian people’s cause. Our nation will, God willing, restore its rights and the aggression will be expelled eventually, regardless of the sacrifices. God says, “The earth is God’s to give as a heritage to any of his servants as He pleases, and the end is (best) for the righteous”.   We are not advocates of wars, seditions or racism. However, we hate humiliation and surrender to the powers of injustice and tyranny. We address the wise Jews in the world and say to them: Reign in your mad rulers and do not give way to them or they will ruin the future of humanity out of religious superstitions or for financial or political interests. Your leaders will ruin your relations with the Muslim people and your coming generations will curse you for what your leaders have reaped from this aggression. We are advocates of peace, justice and independence. We are advocates of faith, security and peace, and stand shoulder by shoulder with all peace loving people. Will you listen to us before it is too late?

Following are names of Saudi scholars who participated in the statement:

         Ibrahim el Garallah ,Arab and Islamic researcher  

         Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Shaby , Islamist poet and man of letter 

         Sheikh Hussein Mohammed Sheriff, professor at the Faculty of Teachers, Gazan, Saudi Arabia.    

         Hamza bins Zuhair Hafez, jurisprudence professor, Islamic university.  

         Dr. Hamza Hussein al Sheriff, a professor with Um El Kora University.

         Sheikh Khaled Ibrahim el Dowish , professor with King Saud University

         Dr. Khaled Abdul Rahman el Ogaimy, Arabic professor, Imam University.      

         Sheikh Dr. Kassem bin Ahmed Al Kathardy , King Khaled university.

         Sheikh Dr. el Abbas bin Hussein el Hazemy, Koran interpretation professor, Imam University.       

         Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman Ahmed Alloush, Faculty of Teachers, Gazan, Saudi Arabia.   

         Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman el Shomairy, Education professor, Um el Kora University .

         Sheikh Dr. Abdullah al Hamed , a constitutional think tank.     

         Sheikh Dr. Abdullah bin Zafer el Omary, professor with King Khaled University.

         Sheikh Dr. Abdullah bin Mokbel al Korany, professor with Um el Kora University, Makkah.

         Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Abdul  Aziz  Al Zaiday, professor with

         Imam Mohamed bin Saud University.   

         Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Abdullah al Zayed, former president of the Islamic University

          Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Wakil el Sheikh, professor with Imam Mohammed bin Saud University

         Sir Essam Basrawi , legal advisor

           Sheikh Dr. Ali Hassan Ossairy, professor with King Khaled University.

          Sheikh Dr. Ali Hussein Moussa, professor with King Khaled University .      

         Sheikh Dr. Ali Omar Badahdah,  assistant professor with King Abdul Aziz University.       

         Sheikh Dr. Awadh bin Mohammed el Korany, lawyer, Islamist  promoter and thinker.   

         Dr. Mohsen el Awagy, lawyer and superintendent of Wasateya website. 

          Dr. Mohammed Ali el Harfy, writer and researcher.      

         Dr. Mohamed Olwy el Bar, University professor

         Dr. Mohammed Omar el Zubai, former president of King Abdul       Aziz University

         Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Mousa el Sheriff , university professor

         Sheikh Dr. Mahdi Mohammed Rashad al Hekmy, Professor  with the Faculty of Teachers, Gazan.