• April 24, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Prominent MB leader Responds to Bin Laden Statements

Prominent MB leader Responds to Bin Laden Statements

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Essam El Erian, prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, denied categorically any link or coordination between Hamas and Al Qaeda “ Hamas is part of the Muslim Brotherhood and its agenda is absolutely different than that of Al Qaeda and any attempt  to link the two is a flatout deception ” he stated.

Dr. El Erian added “The fact that Mr. Bin Laden considers participating in the democratic process and running for legislative elections; to be against Islamic principles is indeed a compelling evidence of the different ideology and methodology between the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda”.

Muslim Brotherhood firmly believes that “comprehensive reform could only be achieved through peaceful channels and without resorting to violence” he added that “Since the creation of Muslim Brotherhood in 1928; it viewed participating in legislative councils as natural and conforms to the principles of Islam unlike what Mr. Bin Laden believes”

In reference to Mr. Bin Laden’s description of the relationship between the West and Islam as “Crusade”, Dr. El Erian rejected that term “There are complex problems between the West and Muslim world but I would not call it a Crusade. That is why we wish to engage the West in an open and civilized dialogue to cut the road short on extremists from both sides” he concluded.