Promoting the Dome of the Rock as Jewish heritage

Promoting the Dome of the Rock as Jewish heritage

MOSCOW, — A Russian website published a long report entitled “Israelisation of Islamic heritage, but this time in Russia” in which the author linked between a tourism advertisement in Moscow and the announcement by the Israeli government to include the two mosques on the list of Jewish heritage.

The website reported that a tourist agency has placed a huge billboard poster bearing the picture of the Dome of the Rock and the words: “Israel – a rest for the soul” to promote holiday travel to “Israel”.

This billboard is located at the Volgograd Avenue, near the Third Ring Road which is one of the busiest highways of the Russian capital.

The author of the article says that it would be difficult to believe that the tourist agency did not know that the Dome of the Rock was and Islamic symbol and that Jerusalem is an occupied city because it was one of the five largest tour companies in Russia and has worked in this field for many years.

The author links between what is happening in Palestine on the ground and this advert which he thinks is an attempt to leave the impression on Russian minds that all the historic heritage that exists in occupied Palestine is the property and pride of Israel.