Prosecutor Accuses Adly of Intentionally Killing Protesters

Prosecutor Accuses Adly of Intentionally Killing Protesters

Former Interior Minister Habib Al-Adly was remanded in custody on Thursday for 15 days, pending investigations into charges of ordering security forces to open fire on peaceful protesters in association with others and creating lawlessness during the demonstrations that toppled the regime.

Al-Adly has been charged with the premeditated murder of protesters, inciting against them, causing general lawlessness, ordering police to withdraw from the streets and allowing prisoners to escape in order to intimidate ordinary citizens as well as inflicting major damage to public and private property which had a negative impact on the economy.

Al-Adly’s alleged acts and orders caused a security vacuum, disturbing public security, threatening citizens and endangering their lives and safety, since the night of January 28, dubbed the “Day of Rage”.

On that day, police dealt violently with protesters which led to clashes between both sides that forced the security forces to step back.

The forces were later ordered to retreat completely, leaving the streets of Cairo and other governorates for weeks with almost no police presence as dozens of suspects and inmates escaped from prisons all over the country in the following days.

Several thefts and acts of thuggery were committed across Egypt, which led citizens to form popular committees to protect the streets and buildings a night for weeks.

“On Sunday evening state security prosecution, headed by Judge Hisham Badawi, ordered the imprisonment for 15 days pending investigations of the former Interior Minister Habib El-Adly,” the spokesman said, adding the investigation into the accusations against Al-Adly and his aides is still underway. He explained that results will be announced in detail.

Al-Adly had previously been charged with money laundering and unlawful acquisition of public funds.