Protest rally, including Hamas, Fatah, at Erez

Protest rally, including Hamas, Fatah, at Erez

GAZA,  National and Islamic forces topped by Hamas and Fatah movements on Wednesday organized a rally at the Beit Hanun (Erez) crossing in northern Gaza to protest the Israeli imposed security belt along the Strip’s borders.

PIC reporter said that hundreds of citizens took part in the rally that voiced demands for national unity and support for prisoners in Israeli occupation jails and for holy shrines.

Mahmoud Al-Zak, coordinator of the popular campaign against the Israeli buffer zone in Gaza Strip, said that the rally was organized in coordination with the popular campaign against the separation wall in Bilin in the West Bank.

A Fatah leader delivered a statement in the name of national and Islamic forces asking all forces to stick to national constants and to unite in face of the Israeli occupation.

Representatives of Hamas and Fatah met on Tuesday in the presence of representatives of PFLP, DFLP, people’s party, Palestinian Arab front, and Islamic Jihad in northern Gaza district to prepare for national rallies against the Israeli occupation.