Protestors demand Mubarak be prosecuted

Protestors demand Mubarak be prosecuted

In an effort to counter the counter-revolution members of the Muslim Brotherhood, youth movements and political parties including the National Democratic Front Party, the Wafd Party, the Ghad Party, united in a million-man demonstration Friday in Tahrir Square labeling it the “Friday of Trial and Cleansing.”

Protestors united in their call to dissolve the ousted Mubarak’s National Democratic Party, the immediate release of political prisoners, and the swift trial of Mubarak and his corrupt henchmen who are believed to have profited from their positions.

Protestors both in Tahrir Square, and the city of Alexandria’s Qaed Ibrahim Mosque demanded that Mubarak and his family be put on trial over allegations of corruption in what is regarded the biggest protests since Mubarak’s ousting last February.

The demonstrations have expressed how many Egyptians wish to see the leadership punished for years of political repression, which included widespread electoral fraud and security crackdowns.

The deposed Mubarak has been under house arrest at the presidential palace in Sharm el-Sheikh, and the family’s assets have been frozen.