Protests in Cairo and Other Cities Across Egypt Continue Against Trump’s Jerusalem Decision, Severals Arrested

Protests in Cairo and Other Cities Across Egypt Continue Against Trump’s Jerusalem Decision, Severals Arrested

 Protests in Cairo and Other Cities Across Egypt Continue Against Trump’s Jerusalem Decision, Severals Arrested 

Three days after the US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, several protests broke out in most governorates across Egypt, amid crackdown by Sisi security forces resulted in several arrests, among them two journalists. 

Al-Azhar leads the Jerusalem uprising

Thousands of Egyptians demonstrated in the courtyards of the Al Azhar mosque in Cairo after Friday Prayer, which became full with outraged crowds, while security forces prevented dozens others from demonstrating outside the mosque or reaching the nearby ‘Ataba Square, blocking the roads with large numbers of soldiers. 

Demonstrators chanted in support of Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque, calling for its liberation, and denounced Arab and Muslim governments inaction. 

Security forces also dispersed a massive demonstration by a number of political forces in the Omar Makram mosque, adjacent to Tahrir Square, where security forces besieged the square, arresting dozens of young activists before Friday prayers, and prevented protestors from leaving the Mosque after prayes. The organizers intended to rally from the mosque to the US embassy, which is only 500 meters from the mosque.

Marches in other Governorates, amidst complete security blockade

The National Alliance for the Support of Legitimacy organized dozens of other marches in Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Buheirah, Menoufiyya, Damietta, and Daqahliyya, where protestors denounced the US attempts to tamper with history and geography. Participants renewed their pledge not to give up any inch of the occupied Palestine , and called for continued protests to force the US to rescind its unjust resolution. 

Trade Union Initiatives

Trade unions also expressed their total and categorical rejection of the US president’s decision to transfer his country’s embassy to Jerusalem, describing this decision as a form of international terrorism that must be resisted.

In response to the American move, trade unions declared boycott of American products and resolved to call all trade union members to a protest stand-up in front of the US embassy, and to demand the expulsion of the US ambassador and the Zionist ambassador from the country.

Trade unions also raised the Palestinian flag on all their headquarters across the country, and to form a committee under the name: "Palestine Liberation Committee" in each union in order to raise its members awareness of the Arab Zionist conflict, as well as the dangers of the new US decision, and to address trade unions worldwide, so as to inform them of the position of the Egyptian and Arab trade unions and request their support against the Trump decision. They also, demanded the Trump decision to be nullified through lawsuits in various international courts.

The trade unions called on the Egyptian parliament and the World parliaments to review and withdraw from all agreements with the Zionist entity.

Furthermore, trade unions agreed to hold a conference titled: "Jerusalem, the Capital of Arab Palestine," with the participation of all civil society organizations, national forces, and political parties to declare a unified position with repect to this regard.

Noteworthy, many cities and capitals of the World have seen marches and mass events in rejection of the American decision on Jerusalem, demanding the Arab and Muslim regimes to sever diplomatic and economic relations with the US and the Zionist entity, and to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in the face of occupation.