Protests In London, NY And Washington Against Amendments

Egyptians in several major cities throughout the world are protesting on Monday against government’s constitutional amendments. Egyptian activists in New York City have waged an internet campaign to line up Egyptians and other human rights activists to protest the Egyptian government’s continuous erosion on civil liberties. Emails have been also circulating over the internet urging supporters to sign drafted letters addressed to members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, State Department and major newspapers in order to pressure the Egyptian government to revert its oppressive measures. 

The New York City demonstration will be held on Monday, 26th  from 12:30pm to 1:30pm EST in front of the Egyptian Consulate in NYC, 1110 Second Avenue in Manhattan. IKhwanweb will cover the protest.

In Washington DC, Egyptians Against Mubarak, another internet based opposition movement is organizing a protest against the constitutional amendments on Monday March 26. The announcement for the DC rally appeared on blogger Nora Younis’s website which also included information about similar activities in London and New York. The three rallies appear to be simultaneous efforts by concerned Egyptians living abroad and are not linked to each other.

The DC rally will be held on Monday March 26 between 11-1 PM, in front of the Egyptian embassy in DC, 3521 International Court.

On Monday also, the London based Society of Democratic Egypt is organizing a rally at the Egyptian Embassy in London between 12-3 PM. The address is, Egyptian Embassy
26 South Street London W1Y 6DD.Tel: 0870 005 6715.