PSL condemns attacks on Christian property in Gaza

PSL condemns attacks on Christian property in Gaza

The Palestine Scholars League has condemned the recent spate of attacks on Christian property in the Gaza Strip and asked the PA caretaker government to prosecute the culprits.

The PSL chairman Dr. Marwan Abu Ras and board members received a delegation of Christian priests in the Strip along with a number of MPs, minister of health Dr. Basem Naim, and other officials where they discussed those attacks.

They were in agreement that such attacks were not Islamic, and affirmed that Christians should be protected as an intergral part of the Palestinian society. They stressed that law should be above all and should serve as an umbrella for all citizens.

The attacks, which were met with public dismay in Gaza, targeted a number of Christian facilities that culminated in destroying a school and a library affiliated with Christian societies.

Ehab Al-Ghussain, the interior ministry spokesman, who also attended the meeting, had told the press that a group of outlaws were targeting Christian institutions to achieve political goals in service of foreign agendas and to create tension in the strong relations between Muslims and Christians in the Strip.

He noted that two suspects were arrested with regard to the attack on the YMCA library, he said that his ministry had deployed security men around the Christian institutions to ensure their protection.