PSL condemns statements of Pope Benedict XVI

The Palestinian Scholars League denounced the statements made by Pope Benedict XVI which attacked the Muslim faith, and the person of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

In a statement, the PSL said, “We have been shocked and hurt by the Pope’s deplorable attack on Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)” .

“Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sent as mercy to mankind, and not as suggested by the Pope who claimed that he brought the world only ’evil and inhuman’ things and that Islam was spread by the sword.” the PSL statement read.

PSL pointed out in the statement that the truth is that Islam has been embraced by millions of people in south east Asia in the past and in Europe and America in the present without coercion.

PSL considered the statement of the Pope as an attack on Islam and called on him to retract his statements.

The chief Judge of Palestine Taysir al-Tamimi, has denounced the Pope’s statements saying: “The Pope’s deplorable statements suggest that Islam relies on force and violence to spread its message. This is contrary to the truth, reality and history. Islam has never resorted to force and violence to force people to accept it. The Quran forbids that and the Islamic history does not witness forcing followers of other religions to accept Islam but guarantees them the freedom of belief and worship in churches and houses of worship. The evidence of this is present until today”.

He demanded that the Pope withdraws his abusive statements and submits a formal apology to all Muslims in the world.

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