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  • July 6, 2007
  • 4 minutes read

Public Confrontation Strategies, Message from MB Chairman

Public Confrontation Strategies, Message from MB Chairman

A  In his weekly message, Mr. Akef reviewed briefly the challenges the Ummah faced on the last period and how that lead to its revival. This revival was opposed both internally and externally. He shed light on and stated many examples for American dominance and interference in world affairs in the second half of the last century. As a result, people hate its policy and many reactions all over the world were made. For three years in Arab region, the “International Campaign against American and Zionist Occupation” had been launched. Its fourth conference was held last week in Cairo under the title “For the Resistance in Iraq and Palestine. Against Globalization, Imperialism and Zionism”. Many Egyptian, Arab and international figures and bodies participated in its sessions and workshops. The presence of Muslim Brotherhood active youth and students was noticeable and distinguished.

 The conference came to important recommendations which MB declared that they will adopt, hoping that public players would support turning these recommendations into work programs that would stop subordination and tyranny. The recommendations focused on the need of:
• A public Arab strategy to oppose the American-Zionist one.
• A confrontation strategy to adopt and support the legitimate resistance in all Arab and Muslim countries facing invasions.
• A confrontation strategy to activate public and civil movements for economic boycott of occupiers, and to offer all forms of support for resistance in our Ummah.

We Refuse the relinquishments of Governments

We are in need of:
• A public strategy against relinquishments of some Arab governments, and to press on them to let their demands be in the same level of the public ones. Add to that, to stop dealing with the Zionist entity and to duplicate the support for the Palestinians and their elected government.
• A confrontation strategy to stand against repeating the tragedies of Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq in Syria, Iran, Sudan or any other country of the Ummah.

Tyranny is the Ally of occupation

 Mr. Akef clarified the strong tie between tyranny and occupation, as the first is a subordinate ally for the second. He confirmed the following: Complete independence is achieved only by people”s complete will and freedom of choice. Tyranny is like a thick rope about to hang people, stop their movement and drive them to mire of subordination and defeat. So, we are in need of a confrontation strategy for setting up a pure Arabic movement for change against tyranny and corruption, and advocating active change players especially judges, journalists, writers, intellectuals, university professors and students. We should tell to the world that we are a rich nation because of our religion, message, history, heritage, men and youth. We do not need lessons of how to manage our affairs. We are in such backward state because of injustice done by our political regimes and greedy foreign interference. Ummah”s freedom and practice of its free will are not granted by foreigners. They are to be obtained by people”s awareness, hard work, struggle and resorting to Islam. Among the reasons of putting people on the right road of freedom and independence is promoting the right religious awareness, which enriches feelings of dignity, longing to freedom, attraction to truth and justice, and generalization of the culture of rights among different categories and components.