Public Furor over Canceling Commodity Subsidization, Price Hikes

Public Furor over Canceling Commodity Subsidization, Price Hikes

Egyptian Kifaya (Enough) Movement and a number of popular and political powers will organize a huge demonstration on Thursday afternoon, Jan, 17th, 2008, in the central Cairo square of Sayeda Zeinab to condemn the policy of canceling commodity subsidization and increasing prices.

The movements participating in the demonstration will include Kifaya Movement, Citizens against Price Gouging, and parties of Karama and Labor and they will call on the government to stop its threats of cancelling commodity subsidization while the Egyptian people are suffering from declining living conditions levels. They will also criticize the government policy that doesn”t give any solution to the problem of weak salaries in front of the continuous price hikes.

For his part, George Ishak, a member of the coordinating committee of Kifaya Movement , revealed that he faced security threats along with a big number of the movement members including Dr. Abdul Wahab Al Meseiri, the general coordinator of the movement .

However, Ishak added that the movement”s response is always insisting on staging the demonstration regardless of any possible repercussions that may include detentions or assaults against the demonstrators.

It”s worth mentioning that the movement will organize another demonstration in Alexandria next Jan, 19th, 2008, in front of the justice court. The movement will hold a conference in Port Said on Friday Jan, 18th.