Qadi Hussein: Pakistani People Refuse Musharraf & His Policies

Qadi Hussein: Pakistani People Refuse Musharraf & His Policies

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf made steps yesterday, Oct. 2, 2007, to smooth his re-election bid by naming a successor as Army Chief as the government dropped corruption charges against possible Ally Benazir Bhutto.

It”s worth mentioning, 84 opposition members of Parliament resigned to protest Musharraf”s re-election bid; an act which may result in Musharraf”s giving up his uniform as Army Chief.

Ikhwanweb had a phone interview with Al-Qadi Hussein Ahmed, chairman of Al-Jama”a Al-Islamia, in which Hussein said,
“Till now, no one is certain whether Pervez Musharraf will leave his post as Army Chief or not.”

He clarified, “He announced that Lieutenant-General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, who has been appointed as Deputy Army Chief, would take over as Chief of the Army staff after this post is vacated.”

Adding, “Musharraf has not left the post as Chief of the Army staff. And no specific date was given as to when he will step down from his post. He should resign. We will go to the Supreme Court, and tell all people to gather against him.”

“Members from the National Assembly (Pakistani Parliament) will campaign against President Pervez Musharraf. He is not accepted, either as an Army Chief or as a President.”

“Therefore” added Al-Qadi Hussein, “Our demand is that Musharraf should resign the post of Army Chief and the Presidency. He should never be re-elected.”

Husseein stated, “Musharraf is not constitutionally a valid candidate. Even then, if he was to retire his uniform as Army Chief, he must wait for two years in order to be a valid candidate and be re-elected for the Presidency.”

Hussein said, “84 opposition members, from the Religious Alliances and the Muslim League have resigned. They will bring Pakistani people to the streets and gather against the Presidency and policies of Musharraf.”

He added, “We are all against his alliance with the American forces, they are not for the Pakistani people.”

There were hundreds who have also resigned from Provincial Assemblies in Pakistan. However, the Religious Alliance was a majority.

Note worthy, members of Religious Alliance and Al-Jama”a Al-Islamia represent 20% in the National assembly, 20% in the senate. They also represent the majority in one of the provinces, and about 40% in another province.

Al-Qadi Hussein commented on the probability that Musharraf would be re-elected saying, “Musharraf will claim that he has been re-elected. However, his presidency is considered unconstitutional by all of us and would cause great chaos in the streets.”

Hussein said as to their reaction if he is re-elected, “We will continue to refuse him. Even if he succeeded in his re-election, we will all see it as unconstitutional and illegal.”

At the end, he wished a bright future for Pakistan. Saying, “a bright future would come by efforts of Pakistani people, not by any others.”

“We will struggle together for the freedom and liberty of the Muslim countries all over the world, and aim for independence.”