• July 31, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

Qana Massacre, Slap On The Face of Peace Proponents

Qana Massacre, Slap On The Face of Peace Proponents

For the second time in two days, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef has made a statement on the recent massacre in Qana which claimed the lives of 57 civilians. The statement read as follows:
Now that the Arab regimes have surrendered before the Zionist crimes and left the Palestinian and Lebanese people prey of the Zio- American aggression, it is not surprising to see the enemy persist with its aggression, leveling a fresh slap to the pro peaceful solutions with the Zionist enemy despite the fact that the Zionists never honor any pledges or treaties. The recent massacre is the best testimony to the enemy’s continued crimes, and a message to us that the hearts of the Zionists and the American administration which back them are full of spite and hostility to Arabs and Muslims and that their talk of peace is a downright lie with these countless massacres in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan.

History will regard the U.S. administration as an accomplice with the Zionists in committing this massacre, and the people will not be satisfied until they avenge these crimes. The Arab governments also have their share of the blame now that they failed to play any role in the retaliation of the Zionist aggression and hooliganism. In targeting the civilians, the enemy seeks to spread panic and despair among the Arab and Muslim people to eventually ruin our morale, but this will not happen, God willing, since these strikes only further strengthen the people and make them hold fast to their rights. We will not raise the white flag in our war with the Zionists . . . The people must speak up and voice opposition of what is going on in Lebanon and Palestine, and exerts pressures on their governments to move, given that the issue threatens the entire Arab national security. We must regard the resistance as our spearhead in Lebanon and Palestine in confrontation of the Zionist American virulent scheme which has been concocted to remap the region, to the detriment of the present and future of the Arab and Muslim people. Now we have to back the resistance whatever sacrifices are, given that the conflict with the Zionists is not over borders but it is about our existence.

May God be pleased with our martyrs and make their death a gateway to freedom, dignity and independence, crowned with victory over the aggressors.

Qana massacre (very Graphic picture)