Qaradawi: I Supported Obama For Change

Qaradawi: I Supported Obama For Change

Professor Yousuf El Qaradawi- head of the International Union for Muslim Scholars- said he expressed hopes that US president-elect Barack Obama would win the elections because “Obama can deal better with Arabs and Muslims, has African roots, and carries more prospects for change.”

He issued a statement refuting allegations that he was a supporter of McCain.

“Some papers claimed that I was supporting the Republican candidate John McCain. They said that I prefer McCain for being frankly antagonistic to the Muslim and Arab world rather that Obama, who may be dishonest in his promises,” Qaradawi told

“These are utterly fabricated statements.  I said none of these words to any paper, TV channel, or my website, as they alleged. I supported the election of Obama despite his stance on the Israeli- Palestinian issue; however he has many distinct views,” he added.

Dr. Qaradawi stated that the distinct views Obama has are change of the US internal and external policies, “this is in our advantage since he is of African origins as well as his youthful perspectives,” he said.

The statement resumed saying “we severely suffered from Bush’s policies for eight years during the war against Afghanistan and Iraq, and from his combating of Islamic charitable activities; therefore we would appreciate an alternative for Bush who will be better.”