Qaradawi: Muslim Ummah is duty-bound to defend Gaza

Qaradawi: Muslim Ummah is duty-bound to defend Gaza

Prominent Muslim scholar Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradawi has affirmed Friday that the Muslim Ummah from Morocco to Indonesia was duty-bound to defend the Gaza Strip, and to protect Muslim lands from the enemies.

“Supporting the Palestinian people in Gaza is a religious duty on every Muslim individual according to his capabilities, and no one is exempted from that duty” asserted Qaradawi in a speech he delivered before massive rally in support to Gaza in the Qatari capital, Doha.

He also hailed the Muslim peoples “who demonstrated in the streets and expressed sympathy and support for Gaza”, saying that the Muslim Ummah is alive and ready to sacrifice every thing precious for helping their brethren.

At the same time, he lashed at the Arab official regimes underlining that those regimes lost the courage to take decisive decisions in order to lift the oppression on Gaza.

He also praised the exemplary heroism demonstrated by the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and Hamas”s leadership in homeland and in exile, urging them not to give up at any cost.

“We are behind you to the last breathe, and rest assured that you won”t be abandoned or betrayed as long as you remain holding to your legal rights”, asserted Qaradawi as he addressed his speech to Hamas”s leaders, underscoring that the tyrant Zionist rulers won”t achieve victory over Muslims.

Moreover, Qaradawi called on every individual Muslim to pray for his brothers in Gaza, and to donate whatever he could to them in order “not to let the Gaza people feel they were left alone in this battle against the criminal Israeli occupation army”.